Auxiliary Equipment 

From Batching to Packing

Our fertilizer production line is fully equipped with auxiliary equipment to ensure your normal production and quality requirements. The auxiliary equipment widely serves as raw material pretreatment or an assistant in the entire production process to ensure production environmental health and improve production efficiency.

Manure Dewatering Screw Press

Our company designs a kind of manure dewatering screw press with tight structure, low energy consumption, stable operation and good separation effects.

Compost Grinders

We recommend compost grinders for organic fertilizer production. They are common in the process of raw materials pre-treatment.

Rotary Drum Mixer

In the BB fertilizer production process, the main part is mixing. Therefore, the core equipment for the BB fertilizer production is the mixer. Rotary drum mixer is one of the most appropriate devices.

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Granular fertilizers made by pelletizer generally contain 6%-16% moisture and usually need to be dried. Rotary drum dryers allow your finished fertilizer to meet transportation and storage requirements

Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Our fertilizer bagging machines are automatic and intelligent equipment, specifically to meet the packaging needs of products with different shapes.