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The simple disc granulation production line serves as a highly efficient solution for both organic and compound fertilizer production, as well as industrial powder granulation. Moreover, it delivers a production capacity of 0.8-1 t/h, making it suitable for small-scale granule manufacturers and newcomers for trial operations. Additionally, this granulation system offers automatic running and reliable performance with its sturdy design. Likewise, it is a cost-effective plan for those seeking to maximize their return on investment in the fertilizer production industry for spherical particles.

Tips for Selection of Disc Granulation Process

First and foremost, an entrepreneur needs to decide on the finished granules they want to manufacture. Therefore, you can set your fertilizer business direction in accordance with the raw material available. There are various factors to consider. When selecting raw materials, it is necessary to comprehensively consider regional resource richness, supply and demand relationships, quality requirements, processing costs, etc. In general,

Structure of Double Roller Press Granulator

The main raw materials for pellet plant balling disc process are poultry manure and agricultural waste, including straw, sawdust, rice husk, and so on. If your factory is located near the farm, you may receive free raw materials during the harvest season. Even if you purchase, the price is very low, at $10-20 per ton.

Compared to organic fertilizer production, the main raw materials for creating NPK fertilizers are mineral powders from chemical or natural ore extraction. In other words, the price will be higher. For example, urea about 300-400 USD/ton, diammonium phosphate about 400-500 USD/ton, potassium chloride about 300-400 USD/ton.

Due to its strong water absorption, it commonly stands as an adhesive and adsorbent in the process of pan granulation to improve the molding rate and strength of particles. Similarly, it is widely distributed globally, so it is easy to obtain. Generally speaking, the price of ordinary bentonite is about $50-100 US dollars per ton.

It is also a common clay mineral that can serve as a binder and filler in pan granulation process. However, in some areas, mining is more difficult than bentonite, so the price is higher, about $100-300 USD/ton, and the price varies depending on the purity and treatment process.

Sludge is rich in organic matter and is a high-quality raw material for producing organic fertilizer pellets. Indeed, it’s from sewage treatment plants in treating domestic or industrial wastewater. Actually, it may be obtained for free or pay little processing fees, approximately $20-50 per ton.

They contains minerals and trace elements and offer supplementary components for fertilizers. Besides, they mainly come from by-products in industrial production such as incineration plants, steel plants, and coal-fired power plants. Also, the market price is between 30-60 US dollars per ton.

Our disk granulator production line can often process different fermented organic matter into bio-organic fertilizer or produce compound fertilizer. Meanwhile, it’s important for you to ensure that there is a strong demand for your granular products and potential market competitiveness.

Why Are You Suitable for Buying A Simple Disc Granulation Production Line?

On the whole, our plant promotes pellet making disc process suitable for many raw materials and application fields to meet different customers’ needs, providing efficient and stable fertilizer granulation solutions.

If you are a small farm owner, mostly produces 10-15 tons per day, you are the most appropriate to buy such a simple disc granulation production line. Because it can achieve the recycling and utilization of organic waste, reduce production costs for oneself, and also generate additional income through self-produced and self sold fertilizer granules.

On the other hand, whether you are planning to start business for a feed mill, biomass energy entrepreneur or industrial powder granulation, an ISO certified pan granulator production line won’t cost you anything. Then, you can start with production and sales of granular products on a small scale, and this granulation line can stably produce 1,000-2,000 tons per year.

How to Start Your Fertilizer Business for Pan Pellet Production Line?

In fact, you should establish a fertilizer factory in rural areas with developed agriculture and suburban towns close to highways. If animal manure is your main raw material, organic fertilizer production plant setup need to be near the farm. In this case, you can obtain cheap raw materials, and low transportation costs.

Certainly, it is necessary to spend time and resources on feasibility studies and market research to enable you to operate stably and provide better quality granule products than your competitors. Also, you may ensure that there are no similar enterprises around your factory site.

Furthermore, you need to consider attracting high-level technical personnel and clerks. In addition, you need to consider the facilities and availability of labor, as well as infrastructure such as land, transportation, water, electricity, etc. What’s more, you can also inform us of the prices of local industrial electricity, water, and gas. Then, we can develop a suitable granulation plan for you. If you requires heating equipment, and we have multiple options such as electricity, diesel, natural gas, biomass particles, etc.

What Is A Simple Pan Fertilizer Granulation Line Price?

The total equipment procurement cost for such a line is estimated to be around $30,000. This cost encompasses the machinery necessary for each step of the granulation process, including feeders, crushers, sieves, granulators, and packaging equipment. Such a granulation line offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for producing high-quality fertilizer granules, catering to the needs of agricultural operations seeking to enhance their productivity and yield. You can contact us for customize personal fertilizer production lines.

A simple disc granulation production line is an efficient solution for turning powdery materials into granular fertilizers. Typically, an area of about 200-250㎡ is sufficient to set up the complete production line. Moreover, this space encompasses essential processes such as feeding, crushing, sieving, granulating, and packaging. Also, the pan pelletizing line integrates seamlessly into a compact layout, ensuring smooth operation and minimal space utilization. The pan granulation process is favored for its simplicity and effectiveness in producing uniform fertilizer granules.

Regarding the financial investment, the total equipment purchase cost for establishing a simple pan fertilizer granulation line is approximately $30,000-45,000. Such a granulation line offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for producing high-quality fertilizer granules. Then, it ensures a quick return on investment, making it an attractive option for small to medium-sized fertilizer manufacturing fertilizer enterprises. If they seek to enhance their production capabilities, we will upgrade the disc granulation scheme, and give a certain discount for buying larger output of fertilizer equipment.

How Does Simple Pan Granulation Line Work?

The process of transforming raw materials into market-ready fertilizer granules involves a series of meticulously planned and executed steps. And, each step is designed to ensure the efficiency and quality of the final product, relying on specific equipment that plays a crucial role. From the initial crushing of raw materials to the final packing of granules, this table outlines the essential equipment and their purposes in each stage of the process.

List Equipment for Crushing, Screening, Granulation & Packing

Process Equipment Nos. Purpose
Crushing Loader Type Feeder 1 Set The loader type feeder serves as the initial point of entry for raw materials, ensuring a continuous and uniform supply into the crushing process for efficient processing.
B500-6m Belt Conveyor 1 Set It transports raw materials smoothly to the crushing stage, ensuring a steady flow for optimal crushing efficiency.
Vertical Crusher 1 Set It meticulously pulverizes raw materials into smaller, uniform sizes, preparing them for the next stage of granulation.
Screening B500-9m Belt Conveyor 1 Set It is pivotal in moving the crushed materials from the crusher to the screening stage.
Rotary Screening Machine 1 Set The rotary screening machine meticulously filters the crushed materials, separating gravels from fertilizer powders.
B500-5m Belt Conveyor 1 Set To send powder to granulation stage.
Granulation B500-6m Belt Conveyor 1 Set To make unqualified particles rescreened.
Disc Granulator 1 Set After pan granulation process, you will get uniform, spherical fertilizer granules ready for the market.
Packing B500-10m Belt Conveyor 1 Set To transport fertilizer granules to packing stage.
Granule Packing Scale 1 Set Finally, it precisely weighing and packing the granules into bags.

In summary, the pan pellet making process of raw materials through the crushing, screening, granulation, and packing is facilitated by a series of specialized equipment. Also, each piece plays a vital role in ensuring the process is smooth, efficient, and results in high-quality fertilizer granules.

Technical Parameters of Pan Pellet Making Line

Product Name Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Dimension (mm)
Load Type Feeder YSXSM2030 1-5 5 4500×2100×2500
Vertical Crusher YSXFLF-600 3-5 22 1300×750×1900
Rotary Screening Machine YSXGS-1020 1-2 3 3950×1720×2100
Disc Granulator YSXYZ-2000 1.2-1.5 4 2260×1650×2250
Automatic Packing Scale YSXFB-1 6bags/min 0.55+0.37 720×630×1980

As you can see, the simple disc granulation production line not only provides efficient solutions for organic and compound fertilizer production, but also supports industrial powder granulation operations. It has a production capacity of 0.8-1 tons/hour, which is very suitable for small-scale granulation manufacturers and beginners to conduct trial operations. In addition, the granulation system operates automatically, ensuring reliable performance with its sturdy design. Similarly, for those who hope to achieve maximum investment returns for spherical particles in the fertilizer production industry, it is an economical plan.


Therefore, whether you are looking for an efficient granulation solution or taking a successful first step in the fertilizer production industry, Yushunxin’s simple disc granulation production line will be your ideal choice. Our products are carefully designed to not only ensure excellent operational efficiency and reliability, but also help you achieve production goals in the most economical way.

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