Trench Type Compost Turner

Where Can You Buy A Trench Type Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production?

As you know, groove type fermentation is a popular procedure in the manufacturing of organic fertilizer. This fermentation technique for making organic fertilizer is excellent in quality, efficiency, and output. Moreover, it is one of the commonest fermentation methods of organic fertilizer production enterprises to dispose raw materials.

Shunxin trench type compost turning machines are in wide applications among all composting fermentation equipment. In addition, our customers mostly prefer this model. This is because the machine has reasonable structure design, high efficiency, low energy consumption and cost, high degree of automation and easy operation.

Trench Type Compost Turner for Sale

Which of The Following Can Be Turned into Composts by Trench Type Compost Turner?

Raw Marweials for Trench Type Compost Turner

The trough type compost turner can decompose and ferment organic waste including livestock and poultry manure, sludge, organic garbage, biogas residue, straw and sawdust. Besides, specific examples are as follows.

Applications: As a result, simple trench type compost turners are of wide application in many fields for fermentation and moisture removal working. For instance, you can use them in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge disposal plants, garden spots, and Agaricus bisporus plantations, etc.

Such as straw, cotton stalks, sweet potato vines, grain husks, rice bran, wheat bran, etc.

Such as pig manure, cow manure, horse manure, chicken manure, sheep manure, rabbit manure, etc.

Such as bagasse, coffee grounds, wine lees, cassava residue, malt flour, soybean meal, peanut meal, etc.

Such as kitchen waste, paper, fabric, plastic, sludge and sewage, etc.

Such as coal ash, cinders, etc.

Such as sawdust, Chinese medicine dregs, mushroom residue, fish meal, bone meal, furfural residue, etc.

How to Build A Trench Type Compost Turner?

Common groove type compost turning machines have primary composition like driving system, compost turning system, and moving mechanism, with electricity serving as the main power source.

The driving system consists of a motor, a reducer, sprocket wheels, bearings, a spindle box, and other components. This system is vital for the entire machine to produce electricity and power.

There are the following two parts of the compost turning system.

  1. The Lifting Device: The lifting device includes winding engine, coupling, transmission shaft and bearings, etc.
  2. The Composting Device: The composting device contains sprocket wheels, paddle blades, the supporting frame, and the turning cylinder, etc.

This mechanism consists of a motor, transmission gears, the transmission shaft, the walking sprocket wheels, etc.

Structure of Thench Type Compost Turner

How to Turn Organic Waste into Compost by by Trench Type Compost Turner?

The working principle of simple groove type compost turner has four steps.

Why Choose Our Trench Type Compost Turner?

Shunxin trench type composter has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, less equipment investment, stable structure, low failure rate, and so on. Thus, it has become the first choice for many fertilizer production manufacturers to make general organic fertilizer fermentation.

The common trough type compost turning machine can work with parallel multiple grooves, expanding the production capacity at any time. The single fermentation groove is 3-6 meters width, and the depth is up to 1.5 meters.

The groove type compost turner has no empty trips on the way to work. Meanwhile, it works without return trips and in both ways. The control cabinet centrally controls this composter, which can perform manual or automatic control functions, is simple to use, and can be monitored at any time.

The groove type composter has scientific design structure and high degree of automation. Firstly, the equipment runs on the track, which makes the production process reliable and reduces the energy consumption to a certain extent. Furthermore, it saves a significant amount of manpower and material resources. In a word, it decreases labor intensity and manufacturing labor costs, which saves a lot of money.

When you use the groove type compost turner, you should install aeration devices in each troughs. Thus it can supply oxygen, raise the composting temperature, and reduce moisture while working. Besides, this kind of composter can efficiently crush the large pieces in the fermenting materials and promote air permeability, allowing the materials to make full contact with the air. More importantly, it has the functions of high composting speed and uniform mixing, which improve the fermentation effect.

The paddle blades of the trough type compost turner are durable and have the function of breaking and mixing materials. This mechanism has small contact part with the materials and reliable working process, so it is easy to maintain and has a long service life.

Main Technical Parameters


Main Motor (kw) Moving Motor (kw) Lifting Motor (kw) Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm)
SXCF-2500 15 1.5 0.75 2500



18.5 1.5 0.75 3000 800


15*2 1.5 0.75 4000


SXCF-5000 18.5*2 1.5 0.75 5000


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