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Shunxin compost grinder for sale is a machine that breaks large pieces of materials into small particles or powders. Moreover, it is appropriate machinery for fertilizer production and are used in various industries.

You will require a new type vertical crusher, a semi-wet material fertilizer crusher, and a straw crusher if you are ready to carry out an organic fertilizer production line.

Compost Grinder

First Compost Grinder for Sale — New Type Vertical Crusher

Introduction of New Type Vertical Crusher

New type vertical crusher is our company’s engineering researchers set advanced crushing technology at home and abroad, and many years of production experience repeatedly research, improve, and carefully built a adjustable professional organic fertilizer crusher without screen cloth designed. Therefore, it’s widely used in organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production, with excellent results for harder raw materials such sheep dung and cow manure.

It solves the problem of shredding organic waste with a high water content fully. More importantly, the success of its invention for the compost manufacturing of organic fertilizers to shorten the process, reduce equipment investment, and save operational costs plays an important role.

New Type Vertical Crusher

Features & Advantages of New Type Vertical Crusher

  • This compost grinder has simple and reasonable structure, cheap operating cost, easy operation and a wide range of applications.

  • Especially for the high water content of the material adaptability, it is not easy to block and has smooth discharging.

  • It has less dust pollution and the operating noise is less than 75 dB.

  • It has high crushing efficiency; with observation window, the replacement of wearing parts can be completed in ten minutes.

  • The production is cubic, with a high packing density and little iron pollution.

  • 1

    With fine crushing and coarse grinding features, it is suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials.

  • 2

    The chain knife’s head is made of special steel, which can efficiently improve production efficiency and has a service life that is more than three times that of comparable products.

  • 3

    The casing’s inner wall is lined with polypropylene plate, which eliminates the problem of adhering to the wall and being difficult to clean.

  • 4

    The impeller self-lining wear is minor and easy to repair due to the stone hitting stone principle.

What Materials Can Use in the New Type Vertical Crusher?

New type vertical crusher is widely used in the medium and fine crushing of ores, cement, macadam, and glass materials, especially high hard and extra hard materials. It is more commonly used in the shredding of construction sand, stone, and various metallurgical slag, and plays a role in grinding hard materials such as glass, ceramics, bricks, and gravel in the organic fertilizer of municipal waste to achieve the effect of safe application.

Structure of New Type Vertical Crusher

Structure for New Type Vertical Crusher

Its structure consists of a frame, chassis, lower shaft, primary axis, hammer, pulley, motor mountings, and other components.

  • The driving force drives the spindle through the belt;
  • The upper and lower spindle bearings are mounted on the upper and lower ends of the housing;
  • The housing assembly is mounted on the lower frame; the spindle is equipped with hammer and hopper is mounted on the upper side;
  • A valve is opened on the housing to facilitate disassembly and maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters




Capacity(t/h) Inlet Size (mm)




22 3-5 400×400 1300×750×1900


30 5-8 600×400




8-15 650×450


Second Compost Grinder For Sale — Semi-wet Material Crusher

Introduction of Semi-wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet material crusher is a professional crushing equipment for high humidity and fibrous materials. Using high-speed rotating blades, it produce fertilizer with appropriate size and good energy efficiency. Semi-wet material crusher is commonly used in small organic fertilizer production and processing, with excellent results when extensively used in bio-organic fermentation composting, composting of municipal solid waste, grass sludge carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, livestock manure, and other specific equipment for the materials crushing process of composting.

Semi-wet Materials Crushing Machine

Features & Advantages of Semi-wet Material Crusher

Within a limited range of crushing size, the semi-wet material crusher can be modified in accordance with users’ requirements. It includes a two-layer crushing mechanism that can reduce crushed material particle size to 3 mm or less, which is an essential piece of equipment for organic fertilizer production line.

Semi-wet material crusher is used in the organic fertilizer projects, such as the processing of chicken manure, pig manure, sludge, humic acid, etc., with the moisture content between 25-50%. It is ideal for the fermentation part of biological organic fertilizer.

Semi-wet material crusher can shorten the production cycle, save costs, make the planning and construction period short, gain high return on investment profits, and have small risk. Typically, it takes one year to recover the investment and start making a profit.

Specific Application Range of Semi-wet Material Crusher

The new semi-wet material crusher is primarily used in a variety of small, medium, and large organic fertilizer production plants for raw material crushing. Furthermore, the specific scope of use of the new semi-wet material shredder includes:

Structure of Semi-wet Material Crusher

The machine can be divided into three main parts:

Main Technical Parameters


Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Crushing Granularity (mesh) Inlet Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)


22 1 – 1.5 50 400×240 1200×1350×900


30 1.5 – 3 50 500×300


SXSF-90 37 3 – 5 50 550×410


SXSF-120 75 5 – 8 50 650×500


Third Compost Grinder for Sale — Straw Crusher

Introduction of Straw Crusher

The straw crusher is a new product that our company has introduced to the market for wood flour machines. This product can guarantee a consistent rate of the completed product and eliminate the problems brought on by inconsistent product fineness, which is a grinding machine for compost homogenization. As the ideal powder producing equipment, it has the internal configuration of a standard stainless steel screen, arbitrary mesh number selection, small occupied area, practical packaging, straightforward operation, and no dust pollution.

Straw Crusher

Features & Advantages of Straw Crusher

Straw crusher can be powered by a motor, diesel engine or 30-50 hp tractor. The main machine consists of a feeder, guillotine-type cutting machine, thrower, transmission and walking mechanism, as well as a protective device. With a sensible structure, it has simple mobility, automatic feeding, and safe and dependable features.

It is made up of the following parts:

  • 1

    The product design is reasonable, has reliable manufacturing quality, with simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, small occupied area, labor-saving and power-saving features;

  • 2

    The design of the electric heating device’s fully automatic control allows for the random adjustment of the material’s dryness and humidity, ensuring the stability of the discharge molding and enhancing efficiency;

  • 3

    The major component of this product is comprised of wear-resistant materials and specially treated, so it can be continuously pressed for production and is durable;

  • 4

    It contributes to the preservation of the environment, helps farmers use corn straw more effectively, and reduces the amount of livestock feed they must purchase, saving them money on capital investment.

Application Range of Straw Crusher

The machinery generates a diverse range of raw materials, including corn stalks, straw, peanut peelings, bean stalks, flower firewood, and other crop waste stalks that can be burned. It is appropriate for pressing and molding of various biomass raw materials such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, rice straw, rice husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, branches, leaves, sawdust, and other agricultural doings.

Work Instruction of Straw Shredder Machine for Composting

  • Feeding mechanism: feeding table, fixed blade and support seat.

  • Guillotine throwing mechanism: mainly by the dynamic knife, knife plate, locking screws and other components.

  • Transmission mechanism: mainly composed of triangle belt, transmission shaft, gears, universal joints, etc.

  • Walking mechanism: mainly composed of ground casters.

  • Protection device: It is made up of a protective cover.

Main Technical Parameters


Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)

Inlet Moisture (%)


1 – 2 11+4



2 – 3



2.5 – 4


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