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As an essential tool in organic waste management, compost grinder for sale is a useful machine that effectively breaks large pieces of materials into small particles or powders. Moreover, this innovative machine is the ideal solution for fertilizer production and processing units. Therefore, if you’re preparing to establish an organic fertilizer production line, you’ll need such a specific composting shredder to recycle organic waste. Among these, we offers new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material fertilizer crusher, and straw crusher for your choice.

New Type Vertical Crusher for Compost Grinding

First and foremost, our company’s engineering researchers have developed new type vertical crusher that incorporates advanced crushing technology from both domestic and international sources. Additionally, we have designed this adjustable shredder for compost without the use of screen cloth. Besides, it finds extensive application in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, demonstrating excellent performance when dealing with raw materials like sheep dung and cow manure.

What Are Applications of Vertical Crusher Machine?

The new type compost crusher adopts a vertical structure, occupying a small footprint and achieving high crushing efficiency. Also, it is widely of use in the crushing of materials of various hardness. Meanwhile, this compost milling machine fully utilizes the principles of gravity and impact force, enabling more efficient material crushing and finer crushing effects. Whatever, its extensive raw material application range suggests a vast potential market.

In summary, the new vertical composting shredder demonstrates immense potential and market value in the handling of agricultural waste, biomass energy, environmental protection, construction materials, and mining and chemical industries. Furthermore, its exceptional ability to handle high hardness and super-hard materials makes it an indispensable crushing equipment in related industries.

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Main Technical Parameters of Vertical Compost Milling Machine

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Inlet Size (mm) Dimension (mm)
YSXFLF-600 22 3-5 400×400 1300×750×1900
YSXFLF-800 30 5-8 600×400 1800×1020×2100
YSXFLF-1000 37 8-15 650×450 2150×1220×2700

Semi-wet Material Crusher for Compost Processing

Second compost grinder for sale, semi-wet material crusher is specifically designed for processing high humidity and fibrous materials. With its high-speed rotating blades, it efficiently produces compost of suitable size, ensuring good energy efficiency. Widely in small-scale organic fertilizer production proposal, this equipment is highly recommended by our esteemed clients for its exceptional performance. As a renowned manufacturer of Yushunxin equipment, we take great pride in offering top-notch products to cater to the needs of our customers. Moreover, the semi-wet material crusher stands out for its reliability, durability, and user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for the production of high-quality fertilizers

Application of Semi-wet Material Crusher for Compost Production

The semi-wet material compost crusher has wide applications in various organic fertilizer production and processing. Particularly, it occurs in bio-organic fermentation composting and municipal solid waste composting.

The new semi-wet fertilizer grinding machine finds use cases primarily in a variety of small, medium, and large organic fertilizer production plants for raw material crushing, subsequent granulation, and other procession to lay a good foundation. Therefore, it is critical to the entire organic fertilizer production line.

What Is Final Effect of Half-wet Agriculture Shredder for Making Compost?

This composting shredder has certain requirements for the moisture content of raw material. However, it has a good adaptability to the humidity of the material, especially for materials with high moisture content. Furthermore, the final effect of utilizing this shredder encompasses material size reduction, moisture content management, and an overall improvement in compost quality.

Our semi-wet material crusher can fulfill the specific needs of users. With its dual-layer crushing mechanism, this composting grinder efficiently reduces the size of materials to 3 mm or less. Hence, it is crucial for the organic fertilizer production line. Because after crushing compost materials, their specific surface area increases, which helps the microorganisms to decompose faster. Thus, the organic fermentation process of the compost will speed up. Consequently, customers can expect a smoother and more efficient composting process, leading to higher quality compost.

The half-wet material crusher shines in managing the moisture content of the input materials, operating optimally with a moisture content range of 25-50%. Moreover, this capability makes it an indispensable part of the organic fertilizer manufacturing projects, especially for materials with high moisture content such as chicken manure, pig manure, sludge, and humic acid. And, this crusher’s ability to adjust the moisture content ensures that the materials are in the perfect state for the fermentation part of biological organic fertilizer production, thus guaranteeing superior compost quality.

For one thing, the wet crusher breaks the material into small particles, making the various ingredients in the compost more even. As a result, it avoids the ingredient stratification that may occur in the composting process. So, it is conducive to improving the quality of the compost. For another thing, the sizes of the crushed material are smaller, and more voids are formed while piling up compost fertilizer. Then, it is beneficial to air circulation and the discharge of excess water, which is very important for the aerobic fermentation of compost.

In a word, the half-wet agriculture shredder from Yushunxin significantly contributes to the efficiency and quality of compost production. By providing optimized solutions for material particle size and moisture content management, we ensures the production of high-quality compost by this crushing machinery. Thus, customers engaged in organic fertilizer projects will find this equipment to be an invaluable asset in their composting process.

Technical Specification of Half-wet Material Composting Crusher

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Crushing Granularity (mesh) Inlet Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
YSXSF-40 22 1 – 1.5 50 400×240 1200×1350×900
YSXSF-40Ⅱ 22*2 1 – 1.5 50 400×240 1250×1600×1300
YSXSF-60 30 1.5 – 3 50 500×300 1300×1450×1300
YSXSF-60Ⅱ 30*2 1.5 – 3 50 500×300 1500×2150×1920
YSXSF-90 37 3 – 5 50 550×410 1800×1850×1700
YSXSF-120 75 5 – 8 50 650×500 2100×2600×2130

Straw Crusher for Pre-compost Preparation

The straw crusher, is a device for organic waste treatment to crush straw to prepare for pre-composting. And, this compost chopper makes straw into small particles, which not only accelerates waste degradation but also improves compost quality and stability. We, Yushunxin, a leading manufacturer, is dedicated to developing and producing classic organic waste treatment equipment. Moreover, our straw compost grinder machine boasts advanced technology, high-quality materials, high efficiency, durability, and low noise. Besides, we offer comprehensive support and services, including technical consultation, equipment selection, and after-sales service.

What Raw Materials Can Be Used in Straw Shredder for Compost?

Various Agricultural Waste for Straw Crusher

Our plant produce straw crushers with the versatility, so they can process a broad range of raw materials. Firstly, it can handle forestry residues such as branches, tree bark, leaves, and roots effectively handled by our composting grinding machinery. Additionally, this agricultural compost shredder can readily process crop wastes including corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, and corncob.

Moreover, this machinery is adept at crushing and grinding nut shells like peanut peelings into usable forms. Besides, other biomass materials, including logs, wood waste, wood blocks, and sawdust, are also within the processing capabilities of our straw crushers.

To summarize, our straw crushers are capable of transforming a diverse array of raw materials, ranging from forestry residues, crop straws, shells, to other biomass materials into compost forms. Meanwhile, you can adjust the screen mesh size, allowing for various cutting and grinding effects to produce the desired sawdust and chips.

How to Make Profits by A Straw Shredder Machine for Compost?

Straw shredder machines, versatile in various fields, offer unique opportunities for profit. One such lucrative avenue is compost production. As a client, you may wonder which industries can benefit from this machine.

For clients engaged in agricultural feedstock, utilizing straw shredders for compost not only provides a sustainable source of organic fertilizer but also caters to the needs of biomass energy production.

  • For instance, shredding corn stalks can balance the C/N ratio of the compost.
  • Simultaneously, the processed biomass from straw crusher can fuel power plants, offering a sustainable and renewable energy source.
  • Similarly, wheat straw, after undergoing shredding, mushroom growers can find this machine beneficial in creating a growth substrate for edible fungi.

In the industrial sector, clients can transform raw materials into valuable products.

  • Paper pulp manufacturer benefits from the straw shredding machine. It efficiently processes straw into fine pulp, serving as a vital raw material for paper factories. Meanwhile, it not only supports recycling efforts but also reduces the reliance on traditional wood pulp.
  • Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry can leverage this crushing technology to process medicinal herbs more efficiently and for sale.
  • Furthermore, extending its application, the machine processes straw into raw materials for making charcoal and wood-based panels, highlighting its role in the construction and furniture industries.

From an environmental perspective, the straw shredder machine plays a crucial role in garden and landscape beautification. It produces mulching material that not only suppresses weeds but also conserves soil moisture, illustrating its contribution to sustainable landscaping practices. Furthermore, even small businesses and individual gardeners can benefit from using the straw shredder for various purposes, including pet bedding, packaging fillings, and horticultural plantings.

Application of Straw Crusher

In conclusion, whether it’s for large industries or small businesses, a straw shredder machine for compost can be a profitable investment. By processing different raw materials, this machine can help generate revenue from multiple sources, making it a worthy addition to your business assets.

Technical Parameters of Compost Straw Grinder

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Inlet Moisture (%)
SXJG-600 1 – 2 11+4


SXJG-800 2 – 3 37+7.5
SXJG-1000 2.5 – 4 45+11

In conclusion, our company, Yushunxin, offers an innovative range of compost grinders that cater to diverse composting needs. Among these, the new type vertical crusher stands out for its efficiency, acting as a pivotal solution for large-scale operations. Furthermore, the semi-wet material crusher, adept at handling high-moisture content materials, ensures that the composting process remains uninterrupted, thereby enhancing productivity. Additionally, the straw crusher emerges as an essential tool, specifically designed to tackle fibrous materials, optimizing the composting mixture for better quality compost. These machines collectively contribute to a more efficient, environmentally-friendly composting process. Consequently, by selecting Yushunxin’s equipment, customers not only invest in superior quality machinery but also embrace a sustainable approach to composting. Thus, we invite you to partner with us, leveraging our expertise and specialized equipment, to revolutionize your composting operations.

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