In the fertilizer production, we understand the importance of efficient packaging to ensure products’ quality and convenience. To meet customers’ specific requirements, our company, Shunxin, present our automatic bagging machine to handle various materials. For example, on 14th September 2023, a customer from Indonesia contacted us for compost bagging machine. The following are the specific details of this case:

Requirement of This Indonesia Customer

After a brief survey, we find this Indonesian customer, Champi, is a large producer and seller of food and non-food products for mainly operating in Java and Bali. Their business scope covers a lot, including planting agricultural products and processing raw materials. Here are some information for their requirements.

    • Material: Paddy straw, bagasse, chicken manure
    • Capacity: 8 tons per day
    • Type of Compost: Spent Compost Mushroom

Which Bagging Equipment Is Suitable for The Compost?

After understanding the needs, we advise Indonesia customer to purchase our automatic packing scale. This machine is outfitted with high-precision weighing sensors, which can accurately measure and control the each bag’s weight of compost, ensuring consistency in packaging.

In addition, this packaging machine has advanced automation control system, which can automatically perform weighing, counting, packaging, sealing and other tasks, reducing manual involvement and improving production efficiency.

Reference of Automatic Packing Scale
    • Packaging Material: Plastic/Woven bag
    • Production Capacity: 6 bags/min; 7 bags/min
    • Power: 2.2kw
    • Packing Weight Range: 5-50kg/bag
    • Packing Speed: 10-12s/bag
    • Permissible Error: ± 0.1%
    • Including: Belt Conveyor & Sewing Machine
    • Dimension: 720*630*1980mm

Automatic Packing Scale with Flexible Material Compatibility!

Our bagging machine is capable of handling a wide range of materials in the compost production, including paddy straw, bagasse, and chicken manure, etc. It is engineered to ensure compatibility with diverse compost compositions. To be honest, our machine is made of high-quality materials and main components of stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and long-term performance. You can rely on our machine to do daily compost bagging operations, and don’t have to worry about the damage and corrosion issues in equipment parts.

Materials for Automatic Packing Scale

What Is The Capacity of The Automatic Packing Scale?

Fertilizer Bagging Scale

Fertilizer Bagging Scale

Fertilizer Bagging Scale

The packing scale applies the advanced automation technique, ensuring continuous and efficient bagging process, thereby maximizing productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards. Generally speaking, our small bagging equipment can pack 6 bags of 5kg material in one minute. Therefore, our machine can pack 1.8 tons of materials per hour, which completely fulfills our Indonesian customer’s production needs. What’s more, the small equipment price is acceptable, just about 4,000 dollars. Please contact us for a specific quotation!

Why Does Compost Production Need Packaging Machines?

Compost bagging plays an important role in the fields of agriculture and horticulture.

One one hand, packing machine may prevent the compost from the impact of air, humidity, and outer contaminants. Thus, it can keep fresh compost last longer.

One the other hand, bagging equipment can make compost easier to store and transport. It can assist in reducing the volume of compost and therefore conserving storage space. Furthermore, sturdy packing helps keep compost from being scattered or damaged during transporting.

We provide after-sales support!

Our commitment didn’t end with the sale. We provided comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance services within 1 year and technical assistance. This ensures the longevity of the bagging machine and uninterrupted operations for our valued customer.

The above are the details about the case of our customers from Indonesia. Quantitative packaging machines are usually used to pack materials such as powders or particles, while the compost is usually moist and loose organic substances. As a professional equipment manufacturer, we recommend that our customers use our composting machines before packaging compost to ensure compost fermentation and promote its decomposition into organic powder fertilizers. For more details, pricing, and any additional information you may require, please feel free to contact us.

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