How to choose full set for organic fertilizer production? Organic fertilizer production line is used to make fertilizers with high nutrient elements from organic waste by entire sets of equipment through several processes. Since the configuration of organic fertilizer production equipment is dependent on product positioning and process requirements, various organic wastes require a distinct organic fertilizer production line.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

According to fertilizer production process

Developing a reasonable production project is the basis for a fertilizer plant to purchase organic fertilizer equipment. In addition, fertilizer equipment manufacturers like us will design a production process based on the customer’s raw materials and product demands. Then, it is necessary to determine the entire production steps and equipment in the fertilizer production process.

For example, you need to consider the moisture content or impurities of raw materials. In particular, some big hard materials enters the granulator, resulting in a rapid increase in machine load and affecting the its regular operation. Above all, fertilizer plant primarily requires some certain auxiliary equipment to assure the proper operation, such as the dewatering machine or the crushing machine.

According to the fertilizer development trend, bio-organic fertilizer with active bacteria will be future development direction. As a result, some fertilizer plants may add the microbial agents during the procedure of processing organic fertilizer, such as fermentation by the compost turner or the coating process by the coating machine. Thus, you can add bacteria in the material pre-treatment step or in the finished fertilizer. So, it will improve the nutritional value and granule’s appearance, resulting in a qualitative leap.

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

According to organic fertilizer production capacity

The technique requirements determines which equipment can use in manufacturing organic fertilizer, whereas the client demands decides the specifications of the equipment.

In general, the full set of organic fertilizer production line is of determination on the annual production output, which ranges from 5,000 tons to 200,000 tons per year. After doing thorough market research, you should evaluate the quantity of fertilizer production required, taking into account the industry forecast and raw material supply.

Honestly, the large scale organic fertilizer production always requires huge equipment and occupies more areas. Hence, it requires a reasonable plan for the entire workshop. You ought to find out the location layout and decide area allocation of fermentation, granulation and packing workshop, which remains the production process in an orderly manner.

In actual production, the fermentation workshop occupies a large space. You must ensure the supply of raw materials. If the production line is too large to supply raw materials, it is easy to cause idle equipment and waste of funds. Moreover, if it’s too small to cause equipment working tensely, you can not guarantee the supply of finished products.

According to organic fertilizer production equipment price

What’s more, price is an essential aspect influencing a fertilizer plant whether or not to buy equipment. Considering the plant’s subsequent operation and production, it is critical to determine a suitable allocation of finances and perform well on the preliminary budget work.

According to the present market, severe rivalry has reduced the profits of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. Thus, the price differences between the various manufacturers would be minimal. You may occasionally come across a few manufacturers with extremely low price. At this time, you must evaluate the quality of the machines. So it is essential for you to directly contact with the equipment makers throughout the purchase process.

In conclusion, the high cost of purchasing equipment differs from the cost of other items. Choosing the appropriate equipment is the final purpose for each fertilizer production plants. As a result, you can have different perspectives on equipment selection and prices.

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