Large Scale Production of Bio-fertilizers

Introduction of Complete Set in Large Scale Production of Bio-fertilizers

If your fertilizer plant produces more than 50,000 tons per year, or has complete facilities and advanced production technology, you can fully consider our large scale bio-fertilizer production line. Our bio-fertilizer production equipment can achieve high efficiency and reliable production while ensuring product quality and stability!

  • Application: Livestock manure, sludge, straw, domestic waste, lees, dregs, cake, meal and other solid organic waste treatment.
  • Advantages: High degree of automation; solid and reasonable structure; advanced technology; high production efficiency; long service life; stable and easy operation; easy installation.
Bio-fertilizer Production Raw Materials

Process of Large Scale Production of Bio-fertilizers

Large Scale Bio-fertilizer Production Process

Large Scale Bio-fertilizer Production Process

If your technical conditions, funds and equipment allow, you can establish a laboratory to cultivate strains, which can save time and tedious procedure of purchase, prevent contamination of the strains during transportation, and can be applied at any time. If the conditions do not permit, direct purchase of strains or microbial agents instead of microbial culture in the laboratory, is another viable option.

Working Process Flow

(Microbial culture → Inoculum enlargement → Fermentation → Adsorption → Solid microbial agent → ) Dewatering (e.g. manure) → CrushingScreeningMixing (microbial agents, organic waste and straw) → Composting & FermentationDryingScreening Packing/Granulation production line (Granulating → Drying → Cooling → Adding functional bacteria again → Coating → Packing)

The main large scale production of bio-fertilizers can be divided into four stages:

To pay attention to your requirements, if you needn’t cultivate strains, the first production step can be directly transferred to the composting.

  • The required strains in the laboratory mainly come from local microbiological culture collection center or are extracted from soil isolation.
  • After activating bacteria, you should test their function and prepare formulas of culture medium for production. Common materials of medium are saccharide, starch, peanut meal, corn steep liquor, yeast powder, fish meal, urea, distillers’ grains, etc.
  • After the slant culture, you should transfer strains to the shakers for inoculum enlargement.
  • Under aseptic conditions, you should send strains to the fermentation workshop, and strictly control the aseptic environment and PH value.
  • You ought to transfer fermented strains to the production workshop and make them adsorb with lignite, peat soil, grass charcoal and other adsorbents, so that you will get the solid microbial agents.

Relative Equipment for Large Scale Production of Bio-fertilizers

Wheel Type Compost Turner for Large Scale Fertilizer Production Plant

1. Wheel Type Compost Turner

The wheel type compost turner is suitable for large scale bio-fertilizer production. With the large output, its maximum turning width is up to 30 meters. Power consumption is lowered by 70% when compared to typical composting equipment. Because of the single groove working, it considerably decreases manufacturing costs and enhances production efficiency.

2. Fermentation Pot

The body of fermentation pot is constructed of steel plate, and the inner layer is stainless steel. This machine has an air inlet, an air outlet, a discharge and feeding port, and stirring equipment. Aeration and stirring are critical for improving aerobic microbial bacteria fermentation. We can build fermentation pots with a capacity ranging from 5-150m³ to meet the demands of our customers.

Fermentation Pot for Bio Compost
Horizontal Mixer for Large Scale Bio-fertilizer production

3. Horizontal Mixer

Our horizontal mixer has a large market share. This is because it is a universal equipment that widely occurs in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, food, chemical, metallurgy and other industries. It has a strong adaptability to materials, and can mix a variety of raw materials, especially for viscous materials.

4. Rotary Drum Churning Ganulator

We have one model SXZJZ-1660 with the capacity of 5-8t/h. It has higher output compared with the churning granulator, and makes pellets better sphericity and more beautiful than the drum granulator. It is undoubtedly suitable for large scale biological pellet fertilizer production.

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator
Mobile Belt Conveying Machine

5. Conveying Machines

Conveying equipment plays an important role in mass production. It not only improves the degree of automation for the production line and the production efficiency, but also forms an organized working flow and transportation line. We greatly recommend mobile belt conveyor.

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