NPK Fertilizer Granulator

What Are The Raw Materials Suitable for NPK Fertilizer Granulator?

Generally speaking, NPK fertilizer contains at least two or three nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). It has the advantages of high nutrient content, small side effect and good physical properties.

Raw materials for NPK fertilizer production are mainly divided into three categories, including some fillers like clay.

  1. Nitrogen fertilizers: ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, urea, calcium nitrate, etc.
  2. Potassium fertilizerspotassium chloride, potassium sulfate, plant ash, etc.
  3. Potassium fertilizers: (heavy) calcium superphosphate, calcium-magnesium phosphate, phosphorite powder, etc.
Materials with NPK Elements

Top 2 Granulation Techniques for NPK Fertilizer

NPK compound fertilizer granulation technology can be divided into wet and dry granulation. The distinction between them is whether or not the liquid solution is used. Dry granulation does not require the use of liquid solutions such as water or binders, whereas wet granulation must add liquid binders to the powder mixture.

Dry Granulation — Extrusion Granulation Technology

Double Roller Granulator

Double Roller Granulator

Due to the production of NPK fertilizer without water and binders, the traditional dry granulation technology is extrusion granulation. In the extrusion granulation process, high pressure makes solid materials polymerize into powder and squeeze between rollers to make fertilizer granules.

All finished fertilizer pellets do not require drying and cooling and can be packaged directly. As a result, the dry granulation method and associated equipment make up a small production line capable of forming a continuous, mechanized, and automated production with a certain capacity.

Our plant designs double roller extrusion granulator which suits for producing NPK Fertilizer granules.

Wet Granulation

Compared to dry granulation, the pellets processed by wet granulation with high moisture content, so you need subsequent handling of drying, cooling and solidification. The equipment used for the wet granulation process are rotary drum granulator and disc granulator.

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