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Disc granulator is a new type of inclined disc granulation equipment that is an important part in fertilizer production. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, mining and metallurgy fields. Besides, the machine has advantages such as high granulation rate, smooth operation, low cost, sturdy and durable construction, long service life, etc. Anyway, it is an excellent granulator for fertilizer manufacture.

Our factory produces various models of disc fertilizer granulators, which are designed to vary with the inner diameter, edge height and rotary speed. Thus, you can select different models of disc granulators based on your output capacity.

Pan Granulation Machine

Can Disc Granulators Handle Various Materials?

Disc granulator, also known as a pan granulator, is a type of equipment used for granulating various materials into granules or pellets. The specific materials that can be used in a disc granulator depend on the nature of the material and the intended application. Here are some common types of materials that can be of applications by using the disc granulator.

1. Pelletizing Disc for Fertilizer Production

Disc granulator is commonly used in the production of different concentrations and types of granulated fertilizer including organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It is typically used in conjunction with a crusher, dryer, screening machine, packaging machine, etc.

2. Feed Materials’ Granulation by Pelletizing Disc

It can make granular additives and supplements used in animal feed production.

  • Grains and Cereals: Corn, wheat, barley.
  • Protein Sources: Soybean meal, fish meal, bone meal and other protein-rich materials.
  • Additives: Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
Animal Feed MaterialsBiofuel Raw Materials

3. Biofuel Granulation by Pelletizing Disc

It can make granular biomass materials.

  • Wood Residues: Wood chips, sawdust, bark and other wood residues.
  • Crop residues like straw and stalks.
  • Other biomass materials for the production of biomass pellets like bagasse, rice husks.

4. Chemical Powders’ Granulation by Pelletizing Disc

Disc granulators are suitable for processing various chemical powders or granules in many industries, including catalysts, pigments, and additives.

These granules can enhance the flowability and dispersibility of powders, allowing for easier handling and improved performance in downstream processes.

Chemial Materials & Mineral Materials of Pelletizing Disc

5. Mineral Processing by Pelletizing Disc

Disc granulators have been widely adopted in the mining industry for granulating minerals and ores. They can handle materials such as iron ore, copper concentrate, nickel laterite, and many others. The granules produced are often used as feedstock in the subsequent stages of the production process.

How Does A Pelletizing Disc Work?

Our plant design the disc granulator which transmits powdered materials into the disc by means of the conveyor belt.

We must inform you that, in addition to the equipment’s function, the rate of fertilizer pelletizing is closely related to the humidity, rotary speed, disc angle of inclination, and other factors. These are also conditions for choosing the right disc granulator.

  • Firstly, materials are quantitatively added to the disc, and sprayed with appropriate quantity of water.

  • Secondly, under certain humidity conditions, it continuously rolls to form granular fertilizer through the action of centrifugal force, friction, and gravity.

  • Thirdly, the particles are attached to other power during rotating and grow gradually.

  • Finally, the balls have a specific strength due to the cohesiveness of the material and the water evaporation of the liquid on the ball surface. Then they are discharged from the outlet of the disc.

What Are The Components of The pelletizing Disc?

The pan granulator consists of many units such as turning disc, scraper, scraper support, gears, speed reducer, motor, movable support, base support, body frame, transmission shaft, etc. The entire disc is fixed on the main shaft of the movable support. The electric motor drives the pulley, speed reducer and pinion, and the pinion drives the big gear on the turning disc to make the pelletizing disc work.

The whole machine can be divided into 5 parts:

The Front Structure of Pan Granulation Machine
The Backside Structure of Pan Granulator

Because the frame supports the transmission part and rotary working part of the disc granulator, it is designed by our company to be welded by excellent channel steel, which can play a very good supporting role for the entire equipment.

This part, which is an important aspect of the granulating disc operation, is primarily made of carbon steel plate and channel steel.

Disc granulator adopts the whole circular arc structure, and granulating rate can reach more than 93%. The plate bottom is strengthened by a plurality of radiant steel plates, which is durable and never deformed.

The transmission part is the core part of the pelletizing disc operation. Both the motor and speed reducer have meet the acceptable quality level. The electric motor drives the pulley, speed reducer and pinion, and the pinion drives the big gear on the turning disc to make the pelletizing disc work. Meanwhile, the big and small gears apply high temperature quenching, strengthening a time of service life.

This device is installed above the pelletizing disc in order to clean the materials stick on the disc wall during the production process.

Why to Choose SX Disc Granulator?

High Fertilizer Production Efficency

High Fertilizer Production Efficency

  • Disc granulator adopts the whole circular arc structure, and granulating rate can reach more than 93%.
  • The pelletizing disc is equipped with three outlets, making it helpful for intermittent production, reducing labour intensity and enhancing labour efficiency.
  • The automatic cleaning plate above the disc can remove the sticky material, extending the equipment’s service life and saving labour.
  • The reducer and motor use flexible belt drive to start smoothly, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.
  • The gears apply high temperature quenching, strengthening a time of service life.
  • The plate bottom is reinforced with many radiant steel plates, which is strong and durable and never deformed.
  • It is designed with thick, heavy, and strong base, so it operates smoothly without fixed anchor bolts.
  • Pelletizer disc is lined with stainless steel to prevent corrosion and keep it durable.
  • There is no drying process, little investment, quick returns, and good economic benefits.
  • Low power and dependable operation; simple structure and simple operation; convenient and quick maintenance.

The machine has reasonable design, no three waste (water, gases and residues) emissions, is energy efficient, and protects the environment.

Main Technical Parameters

ModelDiameter of Disc (mm)Edge Height (mm)Rotary Speed (r/min)Motor Power (kw)Capacity (t/h)Reducer ModelDimensions (mm)

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