Rotary Drum Mixer

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Welcome to our advanced fertilizer equipment collection! Our factory has designed blended fertilizer equipment after years of research. Specializing in the production of top-tier BB fertilizer mixing equipment, organic fertilizer mixers, and compound fertilizer mixing machines, we take pride in delivering solutions that boast an extended service life, user-friendly operation, high reliability, impressive output, easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, time-saving capabilities, and minimized downtime!

Rotary Drum Mixer

In our array of mixers, the rotary drum mixer stands out as the optimal choice, offering the perfect blend of simple operation and continuous production. This exceptional mixer is comprised of a sophisticated lifting and feeding system, a high-precision mixing system, a storage system rack, an electric control system, and other integral components. More importantly, our company has developed two types of rotary drum mixer equipment: BB fertilizer mixer and drum type BB fertilizer mixer.

Why So Many Fertilizer plants Choose The Rotary Drum Mixer?

What Are The Applications of Rotary Drum Mixer?

The rotary drum mixer can mix organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, compound fertilizer, urea, water soluble fertilizer, ammonium sulfate, industrial salt, chemical raw materials, pigment, toner, plastic granule, fermented feed, distillers’ grains, etc. Besides, it widely occurs in organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.

Urea is a kind of common nitrogen fertilizer. It is available in the granular form and can be of easy usage in a BB fertilizer mixer.

Ammonium nitrate is another nitrogen-containing fertilizer that can be of use in BB fertilizer formulations.

Various phosphorus-containing materials, such as diammonium phosphate (DAP), monoammonium phosphate (MAP), triple superphosphate (TSP), and others, are components of BB fertilizer mixtures.

Potassium-containing materials, including potassium chloride (MOP), potassium sulfate (SOP), and others, can be of use in BB fertilizers to provide potassium nutrients.

You can add micronutrient sources like zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, iron sulfate, manganese sulfate, and others to BB fertilizers to address specific micronutrient deficiencies in soils.

Sulfur-containing materials, such as elemental sulfur or ammonium sulfate, can be of application in BB fertilizer formulations to provide sulfur as a nutrient.

You may add materials like calcium carbonate or gypsum to BB fertilizers to supply calcium to plants.

Some BB fertilizer mixers can handle organic materials, such as compost or manure, allowing for the incorporation of organic matter into the fertilizer blend.

Inert materials like sand, clay, or other granular fillers may be of use to adjust the bulk density and improve the handling characteristics of the BB fertilizer mixture.

Direct Manufacture BB Fertilizer Mixer For Sale

BB Fertilizer Mixer for NPK Fertilizer Production

The BB fertilizer mixer overcomes mixing material lamination or diversion caused by variable specific gravity and granularity of raw materials and increases batching accuracy. It handles the impact of material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation, cold weather, etc. Meanwhile, it has the characteristics of other elements high precision, rapid speed, and extended service life, etc. It is an excellent option for blended fertilizer producers.

BB Fertilizer Mixer principle of work

  • BB fertilizer mixer applies forward and reverse rotation to mix and output materials by means of unique three-dimensional structure and specific internal spiral mechanism.

  • BB fertilizer mixer combines all the raw materials of fertilizer production in the mixer to obtain an overall mixing state.

  • BB fertilizer mixer sends qualified fine powder and other auxiliary materials into the equipment at the same time to mix and supply provide the granulation process.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Capacity(t/h): 1-10t/h

  • Measuring Range (times/batch): 500-1000kg

  • Rotating Speed(r/min): 13r/min

  • Power(kw): 5-15kw

The Characteristics of BB Fertilizer Mixer

It is suitable for 3-8 kinds of materials.

A microcomputer system controls the entire batching, mixing, and packaging production process.

Equipment production speed is fast, can match 8-30 tons per hour.

To assure the accuracy of ingredients, mixing, and packing, you can print the report and query the instantaneous ingredient accuracy at any moment.

It has reasonable occupied area and compact structure. The equipment covers a small area (25-50 ㎡) and has low power consumption (≤10 kw/hour)

Structure of BB Fertilizer Mixer

Rotary Drum Mixer on The Market

Introduction of Rotary Drum Mixer

Rotary drum mixer is an equipment to produce powdered formula fertilizer. It is possible to blend powdered particles or granular materials. And it contains simple, semi-automated and fully automated model.

Rotary type BB fertilizer mixer designed by our company is capable of continuous production and has a capacity of 30-40 tons/hour. Moreover, it is extremely efficient and wear-resistant, and we may provide with anti-corrosion lining to meet the needs of the customers.

Drum Mixer
BB Fertilizer Mixer Working Flow

Working Principle of Rotary Drum Mixer

Drum mixer is an efficient and advanced conveying power drive system integrating electric motor, reducer and bearing. It works by transferring the power of the motor to the drum with the reducer. Then, various materials in the rotating mixer ascend to a given height along the generatrix due to friction and inertia force, and then fall back down due to gravity. As a result of the different physical and mechanical properties (composition, density, moisture, etc.), they remix together in the flow. Finally, you can repeat the preceding procedure several times to make materials thoroughly blended.

Benefits of The Rotary Drum Mixer

  • It has the benefits of high rotating efficiency, uniform mixing, low noise, long service life, smooth operation, dependable performance, etc.

  • We can customize the size according to the customer’s needs. The machine is an entire engine with a solid foundation and uninterrupted service. In addition, its material is mainly stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance and no discoloration, which is easy to clean.

  • The drum mixer is self-falling type, which protects the raw materials’ integrity. And the output is huge, allowing you to manage the time and color coating.

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