On 21st November, 2023, we had the pleasure to receive an inquiry about disc granualtion production line for sale in Kenya. Moreover, this Kenyan customer who is actively involved in agriculture industries, had a desire to enhance their fertilizer production capabilities. After careful discussion and planning, the client’s boss, in the UK, finalized the transaction. And the following is the process of our transaction.

Disc Granualtion Production Line

What Are Fertilizer Manufacturing Proposal Requirements of Kenyan Customer?

The boss of this Kenyan client is British, and our salesperson has been contacting with him since then. After communicating, the British boss hoped that we could design a complete commercial fertilizer production plan for him. Moreover, he initially wanted to build a 1 t/h organic fertilizer production line in Kenya, including a composter, crusher, granulator, dryer, screening machine, and packaging machine. However, they didn’t have a fertilizer plant, so they hope that we could provide fertilizer manufacturing plant design drawings, machine parameters, and specific quotations. And he inform us that his budget was around 8 millions Kenyan shillings ($50,000).

Which Fertilizer Granulation Solution Is Suitable for Kenyan Customer?


At the beginning, we asked the client about their actual situation. Then, the boss told us that they had experience in fertilizer production in Kenya and a certain infrastructure such as power supply and foundation. Additionally, they could collect compost materials from nearby farms, so their raw material costs are low. Besides, by understanding the local fertilizer market in Kenya, 1 kg of compost can be converted into 800g of organic fertilizer through processing by our equipment. Thus, they can make a profit of about 50-70 shillings per kilograms.

At first, our company, Shunxin, provided the initial proposal of complete organic granulation production line. In addition, we are free to offer organic fertilizer plant drawings to Kenyan customer. We calculated their 1 t/h organic fertilizer manufacturing factory covering an area of approximately 500 ㎡, with a budget of about 9 millions KES ($55,000). However, British boss felt that it exceeded their ability to pay. Hence, we modified the initial proposal to better fit the customer’s budget and site — simple disc granulation production line.

Complete Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Simple Disc Granualtion Line for Sale

How to Buy A Cost-efficient Disc Granulation Manufacturing Line?


Low Cost Compost Machine for Sale

Considering no fertilizer production workshop in Kenya, if they use  rail type composting machine, they would require building fermentation grooves, to create additional construction costs. So we recommend the crawler type compost turner, SXLDF-2400, to the Kenyan customer. Besides, it can handle 500-700  of organic compost per hour, and its price is 1.5 millions KES ($9,000). This price is high because we have adopted a hydraulic system, which can more accurately complete the fermentation work and ensure the operation safety.

Choosing The Right Crushing & Granulating Machines

Besides, we sent videos of our semi-wet material crusher for pre-processing organic waste. Then, he determined this model SXSF-40, with the capacity of 1-1.5 t/h and the dimensions of 1200*1350*900 mm, which is small volume in occupation areas. Moreover, we suggest customer buy SXYZ-1800. This pan granulator has 0.8-1.2 t/h of output with the size of 2060*1700*2130 mm. Therefore, it met the production needs of Kenyan customer about 1 t/h capacity. Also, it adopts alloy with sturdy structure for a long service life. And its affordable price makes it suitable for small-scale fertilizer factories to produce organic fertilizers.

Semi-wet Material CrusherPan Granulation Machine

Buying The Appropriate Auxiliary Equipment From Yushunxin!

At the same time, we have also equipped this customer with similar production capacity auxiliary equipment, such as rotary screening machine, small drum dryer, single bucket packaging scale, and belt conveyors. All in all, we provide a quotation totally of 7.3 millions Kenyan shillings ($45,000) to the British boss. In the end, he agreed to this transaction and paid us a deposit on 5th December.

Shunxin’s simple disc granulation line is the perfect fit for small scale fertilizer plants looking to streamline their fertilizer production process. In addition, we also have double roller extrusion granulation line, churning granulation line, and drum granulation line. Whether you are running large and small fertilizer plants to produce organic or compound fertilizer pellets, we have special solutions. Welcome to contact us for more information on fertilizer granulation production!

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