Small Self-propelled Compost Turner


Small self-propelled compost turner, also is known as the moving type compost turner or small windrow compost turner. To be honest, our company Shunxin, a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, combines with many years of production, sales or after-sales experience, as well as the majority of user suggestions. Besides, we design a small moving type compost turner with the application of small and medium-sized farms or beginners in the organic fertilizer industry. Besides, it has the characteristics of low cost and flexible use.

Which of These Terms Can Use Small Self-propelled Compost Turner?

  • Applicable Materials of Small Self-propelled Composter

  1. Livestock Manure (e.g. cow, pig, sheep, and chicken dung); slaughter waste in the meat processing industry (e.g. feather, bones and other residues)
  2. Sludge — civil sludge; effluent treatment sludge in the metal industry, food processing industry, painting and dyeing industry and water plants; salt slurry & boron mud, etc.
  3. Others — Chinese medicine residue, distillers’ grains, furfural residue, etc.
  1. Industrial Organic Solid Waste: smelting waste slags, coal ash, cinders, tailings, gypsum, etc.
  2. Municipal Waste: landscaping waste, kitchen waste, etc.
  1. Agricultural Production: wheat straw, straw, corn stalk, beanstalk, peanut vine, etc.
  2. Forestry Production: branches, fallen leaves, dry vines, weeds, shells, etc.
Materials of Moving Type Composter

A kind of self-propelled compost machine uses the windrow compost fermentation process. As one of the unique equipment for manufacturing organic fertilizer, this machine can not only turn over materials uniformly, but also loosen the blocks in the fertilizer base after the fermentation. Thus, it frequently severs as corollary equipment in the harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure and fertilizer manufacturing works.

For one thing, if you need to make organic fertilizer with an annual output of 5,000 tons, 10,000 tons or 20,000 tons, you can certainly accept this opinion for the purchase of a small windrow compost turner with low load. Besides, if you face the special situation of high requirements for site utilization or inadequate budgets, you can buy a moving type compost turner to save more spaces for subsequent granulation and packing workshop.

How to Use A Small Self-propelled Compost Turner?

  • Working Principle

This self-propelled composter not only adopts four-wheel walking design, but can travel forward, backward, and turn. In addition, a worker drives the entire vehicle over the perpared long strip of material pile. You can complete the compost working implementation of the raw material, like mixing, loosening, shifting the piles by the rotary knifes under the machine. When this vehicle passes through, thereby generating a new strip of stacks.

Then, the machine may occur in the field operation and can also crush material in the end of the fermentation process with the overall strong construction and dependable performance.

Moreover, a diesel engine provides power for the composting equipment, drives it walking, and makes the rotating knives turn and crush the strip piles. What’s more, it is convenient for the worker to operate.

Structure of Self-propelled Compost Turner

How to Make fertilizer with A Small Self-propelled Compost Turner?

Main Technical Parameters


Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm) Windrow

Spacing (mm)

Maximus Diameter of Material Particles (mm) Rotating Speed (r/min) Rated Speed (r/min) Working Knife Diameter (mm) Working Speed (mm) Capacity (m³/h)
SXXFD-2500 2200 600-800 500-850 250 2200 2200 650 7.5-8


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