Large Wheel Type Compost Turner

If you consider gaining large capacity and benefits from animal manure disposal, or you don’t want complex workshop construction, you may give the wheel type composter a try!

As a machine for large-scale production of organic fertilizer, wheel type composter has been favored by more and more large-scale organic fertilizer manufacturers in recent years because of its special advantages!

Large Wheel Type Compost Turner for Sale

How Much Does A Large Wheel Type Compost Turner Cost?

One of the types of composting equipment for organic fertilizer manufacturing line is the wheel type compost turner. The depth of turning materials by the general wheel type composting machine can reach about 3 meters, the spanning width is up to 30 meters, and the fermentation groove’s length reaches 50-200 meters. What’s more, these specifications can be customized according to the use’s actual situation. All in all, it is suitable for large scale fertilizer production manufacturers to purchase with the annual output of more than 50,000 tons.

Because the wheel type composter has a large production capacity, the site area or investment are more than other composting machines, and so is the equipment price. In addition, the price usually ranges from 20,000 dollars to 45,000 dollars. Generally speaking, we believe that small fertilizer plants should consider purchasing it according to your own circumstances.

Furthermore, our plant also design a kind of hydraulic double wheel type compost turner. In short, there are two wheels working simultaneously for composting manure, so the turning efficiency will double. The unique double wheels design makes the rotating speed faster, the working time shorter, and the discharge more convenient.

Reference of Single Wheel Type Composter
    • Model: LPDF-3000
    • Main motor: 45KW
    • Girder moving motor: 2.2KW*4
    • Wheel moving motor: 3KW*4
    • Material: Q235
    • Working Width: 10-30m
    • Working Height: 1.5-3m
Reference of Double Wheel Type Composter
    • Model: SXSLF
    • Main motor: 55KW
    • Girder moving motor: 1.5KW*4
    • Wheel moving motor: 2.2KW*4
    • Material: Q235
    • Girder size: 500mm*750mm*10mm
    • Wheel diameter: 2560mm

What Are The Applications of Large Wheel Type Compost Turner?

Raw Materials for Large Wheel Type Compost Turner

Wheel type compost turner is suitable for large span and high depth organic waste composting fermentation. For instance, you can use it to dispose livestock and poultry manure, sludge, garbage, mud from sugar mill, biogas residue, straw sawdust, and others. Besides, it’s widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge disposal plants, garden spots, and Agaricus bisporus plantations, etc. In a word, it turns fermentation materials, reduces the fermentation temperature, and provide the supply of oxygen.

Finally, it plays a very important role among the complete set of the organic fertilizer production line, which is the premise for the production of organic fertilizer, so it is very important to choose a right wheel type compost turning machine. Welcome to Shunxin for excellent equipment!

How Does The Large Wheel Type Compost Turner Work?

Excellent Large Scale Wheel Type Compost Turner for Sale!

Wheel type composting machine belongs to a kind of large span machine. When compared to traditional composting machinery, this equipment has made a breakthrough in the problem of the composting spanning. Besides, the composting depth of its turning can attain to 1.5-3 meters, and the maximum width is 30 meters.

The wheel type composter adopts a unique energy-saving and efficient transmission structure. Meanwhile, the wheel type compost turner consumes less than 70% energy, with the comparison of the traditional organic fertilizer composting equipment under the same working tasks.

The hydraulic lifting system of the wheel compost turner can adjust the automatic rising and falling of the large wheel to keep the equipment move without obstacles.

In addition, the automatic electrical control system further makes the equipment easy to operate, safe and stable. There is no need for personnel to operate the equipment while working.

The whole workshop does not need to build additional rails, and you could stack the raw materials 2-3m high. From the feeding port to the discharge port, the wheel type compost turner does work without changing groove to save time and improve efficiency.

The wheel type compost turner only needs to build a fermentation trench and its necessary rail. Thus, this will save the use area of the fertilizer plant and make less capital investment cost. Besides, remote monitoring and control of the computer makes the wheel type composter automatically do compost work. In addition, you can choose aeration device or deodorization device for better fermentation effect.

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