Chain Driven Composting Machine

Chain plate type compost turner, which integrates mixing and material shifting functions, is the core equipment of groove type aerobic compost fermentation. In other word, it provides conditions for the aerobic composting system to realize standardized production and automatic control because of the quantitative displacement function for turning materials, as well as the automatic feeding and discharging device.

Technical Chain Driven Composting MachineFor Large Organic Fertilizer Production!

It is worth mentioning that the application of chain driven composting machine can achieve the function of automatic discharge, which is the focus of attention for many large organic fertilizer production plants. That is because small scale fertilizer manufacturing plant has less fermentation sites without large output, and the length of the fermentation tank is not long. Therefore, small fertilizer production suppliers often do feeding and discharging works by the loader.

However, for large composting plants, it is obviously not cost-effective to transport materials relying solely on the loader. Thus, if you have high requirements for large composting output and excellent quality, it is quite appropriate to choose the chain plate type compost turner!

Where Can Use Chain Driven Composting Machine?

Raw Materials for Chain Driven Composting Machine

Generally speaking, the raw materials and applications of the chain plate type composter are similar to other composting machines.

  • Raw Materials: Chain plate compost turning machine is suitable for groove type aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as animal manure, sludge, garbage, straw and so on.
  • Applications: Chain plate compost turner realizes the integrated technology innovation in groove type aerobic continuous fermentation from solid organic waste. It is widely used in the harmless treatment of organic waste in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar manufacturing, paper-making, sludge treatment plants and other industries.

How to Use A Chain Driven Composting Machine?

1. Structure

Chain driven composting machine is installed on the fermentation grooves and moves along rails, powered by an electric motor. Meanwhile, it turns, throws, shifts the materials, and resets the piles in a reciprocating cycle through the chains drive to drive the chain plate.

The entire machine should consist of chains, turning chain plate, movable frame, fixed frame, driving device, lifting device, and other components.

Structure of Chain Plate Compost Turner

Chains are the most important components to drive the plate for moving by sprocket wheels.

It is driven by chains to turning raw materials.

The turning chain plate rotates around the transmission shaft and forms the overall frame. Thus, movable frame is used to install the transmission shaft and sprocket wheels.

It is a stationary frame to install the transmission shaft, sprocket wheels and components of the walking device.

It includes the motor, the reducer, sprocket wheels, bearings and the main shaft. This part plays a role in generating power for composting chain plate.

It includes hydraulic power pack, hydraulic push rod, hydraulic motor, the supporting arm and bearings, which is used to lift the movable frame.

2. Work Procedure

What Are the Reasons to Use A Chain Driven Composting Machine?

You can equip chain driven composting machine with the transitional machine to realize single equipment used in multiple grooves.

If the equipment specifications allow, you simply need to build more trenches to increase the capacity and increase the equipment value.

Furthermore, automatic feeding and discharging can save clients a significant amount of money on purchasing loaders. Besides, the fermentation workshop needn’t reserve working space for a loader or handle the load of vehicles. Thus, you can simplify the workshop structure and lower construction costs.

High Fertilizer Production Efficency

The chain plate compost turner can adjust flexibly the walking speed, since the walking system applies the frequency control. This makes the equipment more adaptive and flexible, allowing it to respond quickly to changes in workload.

It has good adaptability to different materials with smooth operation. Moreover, it has the features of high composting efficiency and deep groove working. Meanwhile, it effectively shortens the fermentation cycle and improves working efficiency and product quality.

This equipment is driven by chains and supported by the rotating wheels resulting in low turning resistance and energy conservation.

Aerobic Fermentation

Because the inclined chain plate uniformly supply oxygen to material piles while composting, there is unnecessary to equip with forced aeration system for the chain plate compost turner.

When turning materials, they can remain on the chain plate for a long time. Moreover, the inclined angle makes materials completely touch with the air, removing the moisture content.

Automatic Control Conbinet

Chain plate compost turning machine has the shifting function, which makes materials orderly flow in the turning work simultaneously. Besides, it reduces the use of transportation vehicles, the working area of vehicles, and the cost of raw material transferring.

This machine consists of electric machinery and an automatic control cabinet to automate and standardize compost production, as well as conveniently control the material flow system.

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

The chain plate has a elastic shock system to to safeguard the transmission system and working components.

The chain driven composting machine has reasonable general construction with good performance, balanced force, durable structure and easy operation. Aside from the sturdy frame, the units are entirely standard parts, making them simple to use and maintain.

Environmental Protection

The chain composting machine normally applies remote or automatic control in the common production process, without worker entering the fermentation workshop. Thus, it provides conditions for sealed treatment and odor avoidance, and enhances the workshop’s and surroundings’ environment.

Main Technical Parameters


Turning Depth (m) Turning Width (m) Walking Speed (m/min) Capacity (m³/h) Power (kw) Remote Controlled Distance (m)


1.5-1.8 2 1-5 120-500 12-28 ≤100
SXLBF-40 1.5-1.8 4 1-5 360-1000 30-48


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