Double Roller Press Granulator in Pakistan

Pakistan, which is located in South Asia, has the hot and arid climate with an average annual rainfall of less than 250 mm, resulting in a relative scarcity of water resources. Nevertheless, it is abundant in mineral resources, such as natural gas, oil, and coal resources such as chromite, iron ore, copper ore, marble, limestone, gypsum, sulfur, silica, etc. As a result, most Pakistani businesses seek the production projects for saving water resources. For example, on 8th September 2023, a customer from OCI in Pakistan contacted us for double roller press granulator. The following are the specific details of this case:

Requirements of This Pakistani Customer

The customer from Pakistan told us:

I need a press double roller granulator to produce diammonium phosphate, rock phosphate and ammonium phosphate. I need granulate them to hard granules which can not be easily broken.”

Through understanding, this OCI firm primarily manufactures graphene powder, talc powder, food grade calcium carbonate & limestone powder, zinc sulfate, chromate, NP fertilizers, microbial agents for crops, etc. For this, we recommended our npk dry extrusion granulator with detailed information.

Reference of Double Roller Press Granulator

Double Roller Granulator Making Pellets
    • Model: SXDG-1T
    • Power: 15kw
    • Capacity: 3-10 t/h
    • GranuleDiameter: 3-10mm
    • Moisture of Feeding Materials: 8-12%
    • Roller Sheet Size: 150*220mm
    • Dimensions: 1450*800*1450
    • Price: $2,800-$4,000


Which Equipment Is Suitable for Phosphorus Substances Granulaton?

Shunxin double roller press granulator is suitable for processing phosphorus substances due to its specific design and operational advantages. What’s more, our components such as the frame is made of new metal that is resistant to corrosion and wear. Moreover, its bearing framebody is made of excellent quality and anti-corrosion materials with good stability. So our equipment completely meets the Pakistani customer’s requirement of handling hard materials.

Here are other reasons why it well suits for Pakistani company to handle hard phosphorus materials.

Double roller press granulator uses a dry granulation method, which creates granules without the need for water or any binder. This is particularly beneficial for phosphorus substances, as they can be sensitive to moisture. Meanwhile, it meets regional requirements for water conservation in Pakistan. Besides, phosphorus powder procession  changes materials’ properties when exposed to heat. Therefore, this granulation machine just meets the manufacturing requirements without the drum dryer, which saves equipment purchase cost.

The double roller press granulator can handle a wide range of feed materials, including powdered, crystalline, or amorphous forms of phosphorus compounds. Besides, it uses mechanical pressure to compact and agglomerate the input material. Thus, this compaction is essential to form granules that are easy to handle, transport, and apply in agricultural and industrial fields.

You can regulate the granulation process in this granulator precisely, allowing for adjustments in pressure, moisture content, and other parameters. Then, you will get phosphorus pellets in pillow, semicircle, flat ball, etc. shape. What’s more, it produces uniform granules, ensuring consistent nutrient distribution when serve as NP fertilizers.

Double roller press granulation produces minimal dust during operation. This is crucial for phosphorus substances. Generally specking, phosphorus powder is flammable, and excessive dust can cause a fire. Moreover, the phosphorus powder is hazardous for human health. Additionally, this method is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of harmful chemicals.

In addition, the kinds and qualities of phosphate substances will have an effect on the double roller granulator’s efficacy. For example, some phosphate rocks, such as apatite or calcium phosphate, require pre-treatment such as crushing, grinding, and activation to enhance surface area and plasticity. These pre-treatment techniques will help the granulator prepare phosphorus particles more effectively. In this regard, our chain crusher is appropriate for crushing blocky materials in the manufacturing of phosphorus substance as well as crushing returned materials.

The above is the content of our communication with Pakistani customers. If you are interested in double roller extrusion granulator, have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us!

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