Small NPK Fertilizer Production Line in Columbia

Colombia has developed agriculture and vast soil, mainly producing grain crops such as corn, rice, sorghum, wheat, and soybeans. However, Colombia’s fertilizer production capacity is insufficient and it is a major importer of fertilizers, requiring over 2 million tons annually. Due to various factors, international fertilizer prices have significantly increased, which has brought enormous business pressure to many agricultural practitioners. Hence, many fertilizer production plants and farms are trying to reduce their dependence on imported fertilizers. For example, on 24th November 2023, a customer from Nuvegagro in Colombia contacted us for fertilizer production machine. The following are the specific details of this case:

Requirements of This Colombian Customer

The customer from Colombia told us:

I want to know more about fertilizer machines with the capacity of 4 tons per hour, and raw materials like potassium chloride, potassium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, sulfur, etc.”

Through understanding, Nuvegagro is a Colombian manufacturer of plant growth hormones and fertilizers, with a modern industrial factory. Besides, they mainly produce NPK fertilizers in different proportions, with rich production experience and strong technical capabilities. Thus, we recommend a small NPK fertilizer production line and some optional equipment.

Which Equipment Is Suitable for Small Scale NPK Fertilizer Production?

1. Fertilizer Batching Machine

We learn that this Colombian customer has certain requirements of adjusting the ratio of raw materials. So we mention SXFM-2030, which is small in size, 5 . Moreover, this batching machine is mainly used for mixing and batching according to preset proportions, and can flexibly adapt to different ingredients and proportions of raw materials. Besides, it has the characteristics of high automation and high batching accuracy. Thus, it improves production efficiency, reduces reliance on manual operations, and is very suitable for modern and industrial production needs.

2. NPK Fertilizer Granulation Machine

The customer informed us that they do not have clear requirements for the shape of fertilizer particles but require water to make NPK elements chemical reactions. For this, we find 2 types of wet granulators for our Colombian customer to select at liberty, and we can customize the sprinkler system.

Firstly, our engineers suggest customer SXZGZ-1560. This model of drum granulator has the power of 11kw and the capacity of 3-5 tons per hour, and the price about 7,000 dollars. In fact, this granulator is suitable for large scale production, which can meet the production demand of 4 tons of NPK fertilizers per hour. In addition, customers can achieve precise control of particle size by adjusting the parameters to meet specific production requirements.

Secondly, our plant put forward another granulator — SXYZ-3600. Furthermore, this pan granulator has the power of 18.5kw and the capacity of 4-6 tons per hour, and it’s a lot cheaper than a drum granulator. But in comparison, its production capacity is not as strong as the drum type.

3. Auxiliary Equipment

We also advise customers to use a rotary drum dryer with the model of SXHG-1515, which can reduce the moisture content of particles to below 12% at once. Moreover, its power is 11kw, and the output is 4-6 t/h. Besides, it has high inlet temperature, more than 300, which makes short drying time within 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, we introduce our bagging production line, including automatic quantitative packing scale and palletizer robot for fully automated production. Hence, it can meet the mass and scale production of their other products.

All in all, the above is the content of our communication with Colombian customer. Except these equipment, you can equip our loader type feeder, belt conveyor, and rotary cooler for better production experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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