Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production

For most start-ups who are new to the organic fertilizer industry, we propose that you start with small scale organic fertilizer production, which is less risky.

Small scale organic fertilizer production is the use of equipment for the production of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste and other simple processes into organic fertilizer.

Why So Many Fertilizer Suppliers Choose Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production?

The output of small organic fertilizer production is generally 5000 tons, 5000-10,000 tons or 10,000-20,000 tons per year. A set of equipment investment ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 dollars, for example, an annual output of 5,000 tons requiring an expenditure of around 10,000 dollars.

Small organic fertilizer production line is so simple that its equipment has high efficiency, good energy saving and easy operation for workers. It is overall characterized by low investment price, cost, equipment demand and technical requirements.

What Does Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Applications Include?

Organic fertilizer raw materials are inexpensive, you can purchase in large quantities.

Small organic fertilizer production line is mostly used for animal and poultry manure organic fertilizer processing projects, and is suitable for small scale planting and breeding industries as well as small fertilizer plant investment.

  1. The main raw materials, which include livestock manure, sludge, household waste, straw and other solid waste, account for about 50% to 80% of the formula.
  2. Auxiliary ingredients, such as microelement additives, account for around 10% of the formula; if you want to produce bio-organic compound fertilizer, you need to add 5-10% biological powder or NPK elements; depending on the demand, you may also use grass charcoal and coal ash, etc.
Raw Materials Selection for Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production

Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Process And Participating Equipment

A complete organic fertilizer production line ought to have the following components: Dewatering Machine Fermentation Compost EquipmentCrusherScreening MachineMixer PelletizerDryer CoolerScreening MachinePacking Machine.

In the production process, you may also need loader type feeder and conveying equipment. According to your different demands, you can increase other appropriate equipment. In addition, the specification, type and quantity of the equipment will affect the price of the entire production line. And they will also affect the quality of organic fertilizer production.

Small Scale Powder Organic Fertilizer Production
Small Scale Granular Organic Fertilizer Production

We recommend small groove type compost turner and self-propelled composting machine. They can help materials speed up thorough decomposition during the fermentation process, reduce moisture content, and improve compost quality.

It is used for conveying bulk materials, which can transport fine materials. Its functions have strong adaptability, adjustable conveying capacity, continuous and uniform conveying for various materials. What’s more, loader type feeder is the essential equipment for the automation of flowing operations.

You can pick new type vertical crusher and semi-wet material crusher for crushing high moisture materials in the manufacturing process to make powder, and regulate moisture as well as granulation size.

You can select new type organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator to process pellets after mixing. These two types of granulators can make the semi-finished granules easily selected and packaged.

We have rotary screening machine to separate finished products and return materials, and achieve the classification of finished goods.

The quantitative baggingFertilizer Bagging Machine and encapsulation of finished products is the final step in the whole organic fertilizer production process.

The Finished Form of Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production

According to the desired form of fertilizer producers, organic fertilizer production is divided into powder and granular organic fertilizer manufacturing.

Different forms of organic fertilizer require different configurations, specifications and equipment for the production line. These will have an impact on the price.

In the same capacity of organic fertilizer production, small scale powder organic fertilizer production line is cheaper than granular. However, the profit margin on granular organic fertilizer is greater than powder organic fertilizer.

1. Small Scale Powder Organic Fertilizer Production

The small scale powder organic fertilizer production is fine crushing treatment on the basis of organic fertilizer fermentation. This process includes the following equipment:

  • Moving Type Compost Turner (optional) → Semi-wet Material Crusher (optional) → Horizontal Mixer → Rotary Screening Machine → Automatic Packing Scale.

From the fermentation, mixing, crushing of materials, to the final automatic packing, only two or three workers are needed to operate it.

Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Equipment
Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Granular Production Equipment

2. Small Scale Granular Organic Fertilizer Production

The small scale production process of granular organic fertilizer is relatively complex, so the equipment required is also more comprehensive. The procedure mainly includes:

  • Moving Type Compost Turner (optional) → Semi-wet Material Crusher (optional) → Horizontal Mixer → Churning Granulator (optional) → Rotary Drum Drying/Cooling Machine → Rotary Screening Machine → Coating Machine (optional) → Automatic Packing Scale.

Dynamic automatic Batching system or static batching machine are also required in case of special process needs.

On the whole, setting up a small fertilizer plant is still based on your investment budget, annual output, and manufacturing process to determine the types and specifications of the equipment.

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