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Economical organic fertilizer production equipment you must know

Shunxin crawler type compost turner is a type of large scale composting machine in the windrow fermentation mode, which is the most economical fertilizer manufacturing mode of saving civil construction and labor resources.

Furthermore, we design hydraulic operating system, crawler type walking, and adjustable hydraulic composting lifting cylinder with durable structure, strong power, advanced technology, large output, high degree of automation, and simple operation. Coincidentally, this device is a professional composting machine for converting organic waste into organic fertilizer by aerobic fermentation.

Meanwhile, crawler type composting equipment can fully dispose organic wastes such as livestock manure, sludge, garbage, filter mud, draff, cakes or meal, padding materials from straw and sawdust, feed and additives, etc. Besides, it greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor, and is one of the necessary production equipment in the organic fertilizer industry.

How to Use The Crawler Type Compost Turner?

Unit Configuration & Attachment

The crawler type compost equipment belongs to the windrow composting fermentation techniques. Therefore, you can stack materials normally in parallel strips according to the terrain location. Generally speaking,  the turning spacing is 0.8-1 meters, the turning depth is 0.6-1.8 meters, and you also need to install the ventilation device under the pile of materials.

The kind of windrow composting machine is similar to a tractor. In addition, it mainly consists of a diesel engine, hydraulic system, transmission system, lifting cylinder, walking crawler, shovel mechanism, cabinet, cab, operating levers and other parts.

Structure of Crawler Type Compost Turner

How Does A Crawler Type Compost Turner Work?

Tips for Using A Crawler Type Compost Turner to Make Fertilizer

The crawler type compost machine should travel at a slow speed in theory. However, due to the different materials and moisture content, the driver can select the suitable speed based on the actual situation to obtain the optimum performance.

When this kind of self-propelled composter starts, you should make it rotate without any loads for 3-5 minutes, keep it running for 1 minute after adjusting the walking speed, and then carry out composting works.

You need to make the machine ride across the materials’ stacks. Forced composting when facing the obstacles is forbidden! Furthermore, the right way is that you should quickly turn the speed button to slow down or stop walking, and the crawler type compost machine is in a parking state.

Here, there is only the main shaft working in place to quickly throw the materials backwards without resistance.

Pay attention to prevent straws or other materials from twining on the main shaft of the crawler type compost turner.

If you find there is the rotating shaft entangling with materials, you ought to stop working in time. And after cleaning the obstacles, you can continue composting works. Don’t compost piles or go back by force! Otherwise, this will seriously damage the components of the crawler type composter.

What Are The Outstanding Features of Crawler Type Compost Turner?

1. Advantages Compared to Other Composters

This type of windrow composting machine only requires a certain amount of open area to perform composting and fermentation works. In particular, compared to the organic fertilizer trench type compost turner, the crawler type saves the customers’ investment for constructing fermentation grooves to pile up the materials, which lowers the civil construction costs. Hence, it has a promising future in the treatment and utilization of organic waste in the small or medium scale plants.

Crawler type compost turners are superior than the moving types, because there are more points of force on the crawler type composters to avoid the skipping phenomena for the moving type compost machine during composting. In addition, it has more power, larger output and higher handling capacity than a small windrow compost turner.

Groove Type ComposterMoving Type Compost Turner

2. Reasonable Structure Composition

Units of The Crawler Composter

Crawler type composting machines have an acceptable construction, with balanced force and easy operation, which are better suitable to the different sites. Meanwhile, this compost machine is equipped with a cab that can separate the heat and odor creating from composting, which is greatly friendly to workers.

The distinctive crawler design overcomes not only the low output problems of typical moving type composting machines, but also high cost disadvantages accessories like the usual chains and grooves. Thus, it can increase the efficiency and product quality of organic fertilizer plants.

The combination of the later crushing function is this equipment’s excellent technology. Moreover, the crawler type compost turner has spiral belts with teeth, which makes materials continues dewatered and crushed. Therefore, it can improve the crushing efficiency and reduce equipment costs, and fundamentally solve the problem of restricting the production capacity of the crushers.

3. Reliable Components & Performance

Soft Starting Function

Soft Starting Function

The crawler type compost turner has functions as soft starting and voltage stabilizing, which provides dependable overload protection for the engine. In addition, soft start avoids or reduces the shock and vibration when the composter starts working. Besides, it can also lower the burden of the motor and the reactive power loss of the starting system, lowering energy consumption and extending the service life of the equipment.

Hydraulic Operating System

hydraulic operating system

The entire machine uses a hydraulic operating system. During the walking process, it can automatically adjust the balance. Even if the uneven ground, it will not affect the normal working of the crawler compost machine. Besides, the hydraulic system can better adjust the uniform force, which can largely reduce the damage to the equipment in the vibration situation.

High-quality Components

High-quality Components

You can automatically adjust the height of the turning shaft according to production requirement. What’s more, our equipment frame and components are international standard accessories, so the service life of the crawler type compost equipment is longer than the same manufacturers.

Main Technical Parameters


SXLDF-2400 SXLDF-2600 SXLDF-2800 SXLDF-3000
Turning Width (mm) 2400 2600 2800


Turning Depth (mm)

600-1000 1000-1300 1100-1400


Windrow Spacing (mm)

800-1000 800-1000 800-1000


Maximum Diameter of Material Particles (mm) 250 250 250


Power (horsepower)

85 116 123 156
Working Knife Diameter


400 500 500


Working Speed (m/min) 6-10 6-10 6-10


Capacity (m³/h) 500-700 1000-1200 1100-1300


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