NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Shunxin is a professional manufacturer for NPK fertilizer production equipment. Our designed NPK fertilizer production line consists of a series of advanced equipment which has the characteristics of low production cost and high production efficiency. The production line can be used for granulation of various raw materials with NPK elements.

We provide our respected customers with complete equipment and solutions for NPK fertilizer production!

NPK Fertilizer Production Line
Materials with NPK Elements

What Materials Can Use in NPK Fertilizer Production?

Raw materials for compound fertilizer production are mainly divided into three categories, including some fillers like clay.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Working Process Flow

The process of compound fertilizer production can usually be divided: BatchingMixingGranulatingDryingCoolingScreening Re-granulatingCoating Packing.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Specific Manufacturing Process

Raw materials for compound fertilizer production are urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, MAP, DAP, (heavy) calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride, etc. You need to blend the ingredients according to local market demands and results of soil detection.

The crushed materials are mixed with some auxiliary materials to improve the overall fertilizer effect.

There are various models of pelletizing machine, you can choose the right organic fertilizer granulation machine according your requirements.

The organic fertilizer granules are sent to the dryer to reduce the moisture content and increase the strength.

The fertilizer granules have higher temperature and are more prone to clumping after drying. Cooling can make them conveniently stored and transported.

After cooling, the screening machine screens the pellets, separates out the qualified products, and returns the unqualified pellets to the crusher and then to granulator for re-granulation.

The coating machine coats the qualified organic fertilizer granules, which can effectively supply micro-elements and increase the brightness and roundness of the granules.

You can use the automatic packing machine to pack the finished organic fertilizer granules into bags and store them in a dry and ventilated place.

Suitable for NPK Fertilizer Production Equipment

Batching Machine for NPK Fertilizer Production

1. Batching Machine

Dynamic automatic batching machine is appropriate for the sites of continuous batching. It has characteristics of high batching efficiency, short operating time, improving operating conditions, and contributing to the promotion of industrial production automation. Static batching machine is suitable for the sites of quantitative batching with higher batching precision.

2. Vertical Chain Crusher

Vertical chain crusher can be widely used for crush various materials such as limestone, cement clinker, gypsum, slag, copper ore, iron ore and so on. And it is also one of the crushing equipment commonly occurs in NPK fertilizer industry.

Double Shaft Chain Crusher
Double Shaft Horizontal Mixer

3. Horizontal Mixer

Horizontal mixer is a generic mixing machine. It widely occurs in chemical industry, pharmaceutic industry, food processing plant, architectural material industry and other fields.

4. Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary drum granulator is a molding machine that can make material to a specific shape. It is also one of the key equipment in compound fertilizer industry. This machine has good appearance quality, corrosion and wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, simple operation and maintenance, etc.

Rotary Drum Granulator
Rotary Drum Drying And Cooling Machine

5. Rotary Drum Drying And Cooling Machine

In the drying process, you need to reduce the moisture of the granulated particles, making the particles harder and easier to store. After drying, the particles have a higher temperature and you require cooling before packaging.

6. Rotary Screening Machine

The rotary screening machine is a new type of self-cleaning screen special equipment, and has characteristics of high screening effeciency, low noise, small amount of dust, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

Rotary Screening Machine
Belt Conveyor

7. Conveying Equipment

The conveying equipment plays an vital role in the NPK fertilizer production process as it connects the different parts of the entire production line. In this NPK fertilizer production line, we have chosen to provide you with mobile belt conveyor. This is because it has stronger conveying ability than other types of conveyors, which will make your production process more efficient and economical.

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