Calcium Sulphate Gypsum Fertilizer Production Line in Tanzania

Gypsum is an important industrial mineral in Tanzania, and of wide applications in cement, building and other industries. Also, the country has abundant gypsum mineral resources, and the deposit type is sedimentary, with two types of ore: anhydrite and soft gypsum. Thus, many companies develop new markets for gypsum. For example, on 16th October 2023, a customer from Gypsum Plus Mines Limited in Tanzania contacted us for a production line for blending gypsum with other materials. There are some details:

Tanzania Gypsum Processing Business

What Materials You Can Use to Blend with Gypsum?

As the customers said, calcium sulphate gypsum is renowned for its rich composition of calcium sulfate (CaSO4) and water (H2O). Its unique chemical structure as Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (CaSO4·2H2O) makes it an ideal component for fertilizers. However, gypsum is not usually be of direct application to make fertilizer. So, you must use it with other fertilizers or materials to enhance its effect. Here, we found some common combinations.

  • 1. Mixing gypsum with nitrogen fertilizer (such as urea or ammonium nitrate) can provide the nitrogen elements while improving soil structure.

  • 2. Mixing gypsum with phosphate fertilizer (such as superphosphate) can improve the soil availability of phosphorus.

  • 3. Mixing gypsum with microorganisms can prepare bio-fertilizers. This mixture can promote soil health and improve microbial activity.

  • 4. Mixing gypsum with organic matter, such as the fermented compost or animal manure, can provide nutrients to the plant.

  • 5. Mixing gypsum with soil conditioners or pH regulators to prepare fertilizers suitable for specific soil and crops.

Which Equipment Are Suitable for Gypsum Blending Production Line?

The production line of calcium sulfate gypsum fertilizer usually requires a series of equipment to complete from raw materials to the finished granular fertilizers. Here are some popular devices to consider!

Fertilizer Crushing Machine

To produce gypsum fertilizer, it is usually necessary to break it into appropriate sizes primarily. Generally speaking, in the gypsum fertilizer mixing production line, SX cage crusher is usually a more suitable choice. It is suitable for materials with medium hardness, can crush gypsum to the certain particle sizes as you want, and is relatively simple in maintenance and operation.

Reference of SX Cage Crusher
    • Model: SXLSF-800
    • Inlet Size: 380*320mm
    • Power: 15*2kw
    • Capacity: 6-10t/h
    • Dimensions: 1500*1500*1500mm

Fertilizer Mixing Machine

We know that Gypsum Plus Mines Limited is a large enterprise engaged in mining and processing gypsum. Therefore, we recommend SX drum type BB fertilizer mixer for their production projects. This machine can achieve continuous production, and the output can reach 30-40 tons per hour. Besides, we can customize the lining of corrosion material according to customers’ requirements.

Fertilizer Granulation Machine

As far as we know, this Tanzanian customer usually needs to combine gypsum with water for processing. Hence, our rotary drum granulator is a good option. It is known as a wet type granulator, which can dispose materials with high moisture. By adjusting the inclined angle and rotation speed of the drum, it can produce particles with regular shapes and uniform sizes, ensuring product quality. Furthermore, drum granulators typically have high production capacity and are suitable for large-scale production needs.

Reference of SX Drum Granulator
    • Model: SXZGZ-3210
    • Power: 37kw
    • Diameter: 3200mm
    • Length: 10,000mm
    • Installation Angle: 2-5°
    • Rotary Speed: 9.5r/min
    • Capacity: 15-30t/h

The above are the details about the case of our customers from Tanzania. Except these equipment, our drum dryer, rotary screening machine and fertilizer packing machine are available for the selection for calcium sulphate gypsum fertilizer production. If you are interested in this production line or full set of equipment, please feel free to contact us!

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