Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Why Does Agricultural Production Need Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Lines?

If you want to improve the quality of crops, welcome to try our Shunxin bio-organic fertilizer production line!

The bio-organic fertilizer manufactured by our production line has the functions of enhancing soil fertility, assisting crops to absorb nutrients, and activating insoluble matters in the soil to make crops absorb and utilize.

The bio-organic fertilizer processed by microbial action can produce a variety of active and anti-disease substances. Thus, it has a good stimulation and regulation of the growth of crops, reduces pests and diseases, and improves the quality of agricultural products.

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

The Requirements for Choosing Strains & Raw Materials of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Top 2 Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Techniques You Should Know

The methods and effect of fermentation and decomposition of organic materials are closely related to the production process and equipment. Shunxin has two main production processes used in production.

Process of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production from Livestock Manure

The detailed working flow is as follows.

Preparation of raw material (e.g. Crushing straw; manure dewatering) → Adding microbial starter cultures → Mixing → Building stacks/grooves → Composting & Fermentation → Drying → Screening → Packing/Granulation production line (Granulating → Drying → Cooling → Adding functional bacteria again → Coating → Packing)

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Process

The worker should control the materials’ moisture content at 60%. Dry solid organic waste (e.g. straw, sawdust, rice bran and soybean cake), as auxiliary materials, should be blended together with raw materials to play a role in regulating moisture, aeration and C/N ratio (about 30:1-40:1).

The materials are fully decomposed, sterilized, deodorized and dehydrated by aerobic fermentation process. The moisture content of the decomposed material is generally in the range of 30-35%, and the C/N ratio is 15:1-20:1.

You should dry and screen the compost for further removing impurities, and the necessarily add crushing process. During this process, you can spray the microbial inoculants to make the fertilizer better. Then the finished powder bio-organic fertilizer can be packed and stored.

If you want more beautiful granular bio-organic fertilizer, we suggest adding a granulation production line and make pellets by the organic granulator. Shunxin has a variety of granulators for you to select!

You can use the dryer to further decrease water from the semi-finished particles to achieve the standard requirements of bio-organic fertilizer moisture content.

The use of coolers to cool granules helps to store and maintain the quality of the particles.

Automatic quantitative packing scales can achieve quantitative weighing and packaging of finished granules.

Equipment Selection Recommendation of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Wheel Type Compost Turner for Bio-organic Fertilizer Production

1. Wheel Type Compost Turner

The wheel type compost turner is ideal for large scale production of bio-organic fertilizer. The largest turning width can reach 30 meters and the single yield is highest. Compared with the traditional compost equipment, the energy consumption is lowered by 70%. Thanks to single groove work, the production cost is greatly reduced.

2. Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

If you don’t require granulation but want to make high-quality bio-organic fertilizer powder, this composting machine is perfect for you. The chain plate type compost turner offers very strong processing capacity, high working efficiency, and finer powder than conventional groove type compost turners.

Chain Plate Compost Turner for Bio-organic Fertilizer Production
Batching Machine for BB Fertilizer Production

3. Self-propelled Stacker

If you have a small farm or plant with low budget, try crawler type compost turner or moving type compost turner! These two fertilizer production modes are the most economical to save the civil construction and production costs at present.

4. Disc Granulator

Disc granulator is one of the hottest products in our company currently. It has evident classification effect, affordable price, high material suitability, and the granulation rate is more than 90%. There is only one problem that the fineness and uniformity of the material has certain requirements. It’s best to use with a crusher.

Disc Granulator for Bio-organic Fertilizer Production
flat die granulation equipment for bio-organic fertilizer production

5. Die Granulator

Die granulator does not need drying or crushing processes, which saves equipment costs and simplifies operation. The granulation rate is up to 97%. It has high particle strength, neat shape, and almost no return material. If you have requirements for bio-organic fertilizer pellets, you can choose this one.

Shunxin is a professional manufacturer of bio-organic fertilizer equipment, providing customers with good quality, affordable price and after-sales support. If you are interested in knowing more about bio-organic fertilizer equipment model, quotation and other details, welcome to consult online customer service for free at any time!

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