Powder Granulation Machine

Why Fertilizer Manufacture Use Machine to Convert Powder to Granules?

Powder fertilizer granulation technique is a manufacturing method that converts powdered materials into granular fertilizer. In addition, this technology not only reduces dust pollution, but also enhances labor operations, material storage and transportation, and fertilizer utilization.

You can use our pelletizers for making the powder into granules to satisfy the needs of the finished product production process. They can prevent segregation, bubble pulse, agglomeration, obsorption and bridge actions, as well as other negative impacts in succeeding operating processes such as drying, screening and packaging.

Granular fertilizers produced by our granulators are more easily absorbed and utilized by plants than powdered forms, and the release rate of granular fertilizers is more stable to meet the growth needs of plants.

The granulator can improve the physical properties of powder materials, such as improvement of porosity, specific surface area, heat transfer, etc.

Powdered fertilizer granulation technology has a wide range of applications, including not only the production of various types of fertilizers such as chemical, organic and compound fertilizers, but also the manufacturing of granular substances in other industries such as chemical products and food additives.

Top 2 Powder Granulation Techniques You Must Know

According to different process requirements and material properties, the main powder fertilizer granulation technology includes wet granulation and dry granulation. The powder granulation machine currently available on the market can also be divided into various types.

Wet Powder Granulation Machine


The wet granulator is a device that mixes powdered or granular materials with a certain percentage of liquid, and then shapes and treats them to form pellets by the action of specific equipment and mechanical forces. Besides, this granulation method is commonly used in the treatment of suspensions and the coating of granules.

Our typical wet granulation equipment include new type organic Fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, disc granulator and rotary drum granulator.

Dry Powder Granulation Machine

The dry granulator is a device for shaping powder or granular materials through compression, crushing, and vibration. Moreover, it frequently occurs in the production of biological granules, powder metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, chemical materials, and other applications.

Dry granulator usually applies the compaction granulation method, which can confine the powder materials to be granulated in a specific space and compress them into a dense state by applying an external force. According to the physical properties of the external force, this method contains two types: die pressing method and extrusion method.

Relatively, we have two types of dry granulators, which are flat die granulator and double roller extrusion granulator.

Dry Powder Granulation Machine

Flat Die Granulator

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

Powder granulation machine is a very promising device, which can not only improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, but also reduce the loss and pollution of fertilizer, which is of great significance to both agricultural production and environmental protection.

We suggest you should actively promote and apply these powder granulation machines to make a greater contribution to gain much benefits of social, economic and ecologic perspectives.

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