Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production

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Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot
Horizontal Fermentation Pot

Fermenter for bio-fertilizer production is a complete set of equipment specialized in handling organic waste such as animal and poultry manure, food waste, and domestic waste. To realize resource utilization of organic waste, the organic matter is biodegraded and decomposed by the activity of biomass in high-temperature aerobic fermentation, so that the organic waste is transformed into bio-organic fertilizer, which is used for soil improvement and landscaping.

What Are The Raw Material for Bio Fertilizer Fermentation?

The fermentation tank is suitable for mixing various ingredients of powdered and liquid materials. It has the advantages of wide applicability, less material residue and easy maintenance. Certainly, it is the ideal equipment for dealing with diverse organic wastes.

Livestock manure such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow, sheep and horse dung, and other animal manure; Animal residues like chicken, cattle, sheep, horse, rabbit, pig carcass, as well as fish meal and bone meal, etc.

Such as domestic waste, commercial waste, public waste, kitchen garbage, etc.

Such as riverway sludge, sewer sludge, etc.

Such as wine lees, vinegar lees, cassava residue, furfural residue, biogas residue, etc.

Such as mushroom residue, Chinese medicine residue, etc.

Such as straw, soybean meal, etc.

Raw Materials for Fermentation Pot

Furthermore, as the professional producer of fermentation equipment for production of bio fertilizer, we can make horizontal fermenter with a capacity ranging from 5-50m³ or vertical fermentation compost machine with a capacity ranging from 5-150m³ based on the needs of the customers.

Actually, our equipment takes only 10 hours to finish the harmless treatment process while occupying less land, emitting no pollution, and thoroughly destroying pest eggs. Therefore, it is the best choice to realize waste resource utilization for the majority of breeding enterprises, recycling and ecological agriculture.

Vertical Fermentation PotHorizontal Fermentation Pot

Automatic System in Fermenter for Bio-fertilizer Production

Structure of Fertilizer Vertical Fermentation Tank

The main body is a cylinder. Additionally, the essential components are the fermentation chamber, hydraulic spindle drive system, feeding and hoisting system, automatic discharge system, high pressure air supply system, deodorization system and automatic control system.

It stores organic ingredients and finish the fermentation process.

A device that evenly stirs materials in the fermenter to ensure uniform fermentation and 100% decomposition.

A high-pressure vortex air pump that provides all of the oxygen required for fermentation process.

High transmission power, low speed, smooth operation, with overload protection capability and flexible transmission layout.

It discharges the fermented organic fertilizer from the fermenter.

It can make full use of the high-temperature gas naturally generated inside the tank to initially heat and warm the inhaled air, which improves energy utilization, ensures fermentation effect, reduces power consumption of the equipment and realizes the purpose of energy savings and consumption reduction.

It transports fermentation materials into the fermentation tank by mechanical lifting.

It has a computer with PLC, automatic and manual control and detection of fermentation process.

To avoid environmental pollution, the exhaust gas and dust created by the fermentation process can be absorbed and sprayed for purification.

What Is Fermentation Procedures in Biological Waste Disposal?In Fermenter for Bio-fertilizer Production

It includes four steps of feeding, high-temperature aerobic fermentation, material discharging and stable storing treatment.

In addition, the entire process is highly automated, fully closed, and will not generate secondary pollutants, of which the most important link is the aerobic fermentation part.

How Does A Fermentation Pot Work?

  • The fermentation tank operates on the principle of aerobic microbial fermentation, which allows microbe to multiply fast by using the organic matter and residual protein in animal and poultry dung under specified temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels.

  • In the process of reproduction, they consume organic matter, protein, and oxygen in manure and metabolize it to produce ammonia, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour. At the same time, a considerable amount of heat is emitted, raising the temperature inside the tank.

  • The high temperature in the range of 50℃-70℃ can further promote the growth and metabolism of microbes, whereas the temperature above 60℃ can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, parasite eggs and other harmful substances in manure, while balancing the temperature, humidity, and PH value which are the conditions for maintaining the survival of beneficial bacteria.

Advantages & Features of Fermenter for Bio-fertilizer Production

Main Technical Parameters of Fermenter for Bio-fertilizer Production

Specifications of Vertical Fermenter

ModelHeating Power (kw)Stirring Power (kw)Feeding TypeDimensions (mm)

Specifications of Horizontal Fermenter

Horizontal Closed Fermenter



Motor Power (KW)

Heating Rod Power (KW)


Hot Oil Pump Power (KW)

Inlet Hydraulic Power Unit Power (KW)


Outlet Hydraulic Power Unit Power (KW)


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