Rotary Drum Drying Machine 

Introduction of Rotary Drum Drying Machine 

Rotary drum dryer is a device that heats and dries materials. Furthermore, the drum dryer is primarily used to dry granular materials within a specific humidity and particle size range, such as compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

Our firm meticulously designs the latest type of drying equipment with the benefits of low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation. Meanwhile, this rotary dryer has a wide range of applications, including the feed pellet industry, building materials drying, animal manure drying, etc.

Rotary Drum Dryer

Application of Rotary Drum Drying Machine for Fertilizers

Applications of Dryer for Fertilizer Production

Part & Accessories of A Rotary Drum Drying Machine

The rotary dryer is mainly composed of the following components: a cylinder, front and rear roller rings, wheel, small gear, feeding and discharge mechanism, lifting plates, reduction drive, motor, hot air duct,  air blast furnace, and other parts. In addition, we can produce gas burner, combustion chamber, or elevator, belt conveyor, constant weight feeder, dust collector, induced draft fan, and other devices based on the needs of the customers.

Structure of Rotary Drum Dryer
Working Flow of Dryer

Mechanism of A Rotary Drum Drying Machine?

The rotating cylinder body is flange connected or directly welded, supported by two riding wheels as the supporting device and driven by the drive gear to rotate the simplified body.

The cylinder body is installed with angle, and the materials come into contact with hot flue gas while turning inside the revolving cylinder body and moving ahead to achieve the drying goal.

The machine has feeding and discharging mechanisms. There is a sealing plate between them so that reduces the spillage of materials.

The inducer introduces hot air from the hot blast furnace into the inside of the dryer to exchange heat with the wet materials.

The materials are supplied by the elevator from the feeding port and flow within the dryer under gravity after being broken up, crushed, dispersed, and equally distributed, assuring the heat exchange effect of the materials inside the dryer.

Hot gas is generated by the hot blast furnace, moving from the bottom to the top, contacting with the materials, transferring the heat to the materials through heat conduction, convection, radiation and other ways. Thus, it continuously makes the temperature of materials rise and the moisture evaporated. Then the materials meeting the moisture requirements are discharged from the lower outlet, and also the gas containing water vapor.

The Main Work Procedure of Rotary Drum Drying Machine

The raw materials enter the inside of the drying rotary drum after passing through the loading machine. After the process of high temperature, deodorization, dust removal and cooling, the materials are dried to less than 10% moisture content at one time.

The materials in the rotary drum cylinder are dried by the spiral blade and intermittent lifting plate in the process of repeated action and lifting between the inner and outer cylinders.

According to the ultimate moisture requirement of materials after drying in different industries, the moisture content of compound fertilizer after drying is lowered from 20%-30% to 2%-5%, and organic fertilizer is reduced 10% to 40%.

More importantly, the rotary dryer should be used with the cooling machine, because the high temperature of the dried fertilizer is not conducive to storage. Furthermore, it can also be modified specifications according to the customers’ own requirements to ensure the maximum utilization rate of the dried fertilizer.

Features of Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Rotary Drum Drying Machine Technique Parameter


Motor Power (kw) Reducer Model Temp of Inlet (℃) Angle of Installation(°) Speed (r/min)

Capacity (t/h)


5.5 ZQ250 ≥300 3-5 6 1-2


7.5 ZQ350 ≥300 3-5 6 2-4
SXHG-1212 7.5 ZQ350 ≥300 3-5 6



11 ZQ400 ≥300 3-5 6 4-6
SXHG-1616 15 ZQ400 ≥300 3-5 6



22 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 6 7-12


37 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 5.8


SXHG-2222 37 ZQ500 ≥300 3-5 5.5


SXHG-2424 45 ZQ650 ≥300 3-5 5.2


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