Manure Dewatering Screw Press

When you apply different systems or comprehensive measures to treat livestock and poultry farm waste, you must perform solid-liquid separation initially, since this is an important process.

Shunxin is a professional manufacturer of manure dewatering screw press, and our equipment mainly includes inclined dewatering machine and solid-liquid seperator machine.

Inclined Dewatering Machine for Large Scale Manure Disposal

Screw Press Manure Dewatering Machine in Stock

Introduction of Screw Press Manure Dewatering Machine

Manure dewatering screw press is a screw press for separating manure into solid and liquid fractions. Moreover, it is a type of dehydrating machine that can separate the original waste like pig, horse, cow, and chicken manure into liquid and solid organic fertilizer. Besides, the liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used by crops for absorption, while the solid organic fertilizer can be transported to areas lacking of fertilizer for use, and can also play a role in improving the soil structure, and at the same time can be made into organic compound fertilizer after fermentation.

Solid Liquid Separator for Organic Fertilizer Production Plant in Manure Dewatering Process
Solid-liquid Seperator Machine for manure Disposal

Raw Material Dealing & Application

Screw extrusion dewatering machine can be widely used for a variety of factories on dealing high moisture content of organic waste solid-liquid separation.

It can be used in processing food residues including extrusion dewatering of wine lees, coffee dregs, sauce slag, Chinese medicine dregs, vegetables and fruits, and aquatic products, etc.

It can dewater dregs, fibrous, and granular materials in the chemical, pulp and paper, textile, and slaughter industries.

It contains high moisture content materials such as livestock and poultry manure, sewage sludge, biogas residue and kitchen waste.

Design of Screw Extrusion Dehydrator Unit

The screw extrusion dewatering machine is mainly composed of the main machine, non-clogging pump, control cabinet, pipeline and other equipment.

Furthermore, the main engine is composed of main body, mesh screenextruding auger, vibrating motorreducer motorcounterweight system, and discharge device.

What’s more, the machine’s primary components are made of stainless steel, including the high-strength spiral shaft, corrosion-resistant alloy double spiral blade and screen are made of stainless steel, and the spiral blade is manganese-treated.

How Does A Dewatering Screw Press Work?

Firstly, the machine uses a non-clogging pump to transfer unfermented raw materials into the body and a vibrating motor to accelerate the falling material.

At the same time, the compression effect is produced by changing the pitch of the vane in the screw and the auger.

Next, with the rotation of the screw, the material is squeezed and the water is separated and discharged through the screen, drastically reducing the water content of manure to achieve the purpose of squeezing and dewatering.

In addition, if you want to master the speed and water content of the discharge, you can adjust the module for balanced weight under the main machine to obtain a satisfactory and appropriate discharge state.

Features & Advantages of Manure Dewatering Screw Machine

  • 1

    The machine has the characteristics of high automation level, simple operation, and no need for additives, etc.

  • 2

    It has large and steady capacity, high working efficiency, and low operating cost.

  • 3

    The equipment runs under closed condition with a favorable working environment, low noise, and no pollution.

  • 4

    The construction is made of stainless steel, which has high strength, wear resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and a long service life.

  • 5

    The equipment has low power consumption, with non-required heating system and drying process.

  • 6

    The entire system of dewatering machine is easy to transport, install and maintain.

Why Do You Need A Manure Dewatering Screw Machine?

Solid-liquid separation can greatly reduce the pollutants in the liquid part. The dewatering machine seperates the manure which is almost odorless and you can use it directly as fertilizer with little viscosity.

Solid-liquid separation can prevent larger solids from entering the subsequent treatment link and prevent blockage and damage of equipment, etc.

After manure dewatering, you can use anaerobic disposition (biogas fermentation technology) to improve the reliability of its management operation and reduce the investment in facilities, while you can use the processed manure directly for flowers or other specialty commercial crops.

Inclined Dewatering Machine for solid-liquid Seperation

Specification of Screw Press Dewatering Machine


Capacity (m3/h) Power (kw)

Dimensions (mm)


10-15 4 1850×650×1150


15-20 5.5 1850×800×1150
SXTSX-800 15-20 4


SXTSX-1200 30-40 5.5


Dewatering Screw Press for Manure Disposal
Solid Liquid Separator in Manure Dewatering Process

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