The engine we apply in our fertilizer production equipment is fundamentally an electric motor from a conventional Chinese brand. We’ve chosen this motor based on its commendable performance, undisputed reliability, and the ability to function optimally under diverse operational conditions. In addition, these motors have been tried and tested to ensure they meet stringent quality control standards and deliver consistent results.

We recognize, however, that different clients have different preferences and specific needs. Therefore, we have made a provision to offer a customization option. If you prefer an internationally recognized brand such as Siemens, we can facilitate this change for you. While the change to Siemens or any other global brand of your choice might result in a slight additional cost, we want to assure you that it’s all aimed at ensuring that your equipment aligns perfectly with your individual specifications and standards.

Please note that opting for customization might slightly adjust the delivery schedule of your equipment. Nonetheless, we assure you that the quality, performance, and efficiency of your equipment will in no way be compromised.