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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about fertilizr production equipment we offer.

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What are the specifications of BB fertilizer mixer?2023-12-29T17:20:01+08:00

Our BB fertilizer mixer is compatible with granule materials, including NPK fertilizers. It processes material quickly, with a turnaround time of 3-5 minutes, and can even produce final material in as little as 40 seconds. With a capacity of 5-10 tons per hour, it meets various production needs. The price is all-inclusive, covering the feed hopper, main cylinder, and essential accessories like the motor and control cabinet. Its efficient discharge system operates by forward rotation for feeding and reverse for discharging.

What are the specifications and requirements for using the compost crushers in processing organic materials?2023-12-29T17:11:46+08:00

Our compost crusher is specifically designed for materials that have undergone the fermentation process. For unfermented raw materials, the crusher can still be used directly, provided that the moisture content is between 20-40%. The typical output size from the semi-wet material crusher is about 5-8mm. If a smaller size is required, we recommend using the straw crusher, which includes an internal screen to achieve a finer crush. However, ensure that the moisture content of the materials for the straw crusher does not exceed 15%.

What is the moisture content of the raw material before and after granulation?2023-12-29T16:56:13+08:00

Before granulation, it is essential to ensure that the moisture content of the raw material is around 30%. After granulation, the moisture content of the granules is about 20%. If you require a moisture content below 10%, you can utilize a rotary drum dryer to reduce the moisture content accordingly.

Can you provide details regarding the materials, durability, and life expectancy of the organic fertilizer production line?2023-12-29T16:52:20+08:00

Our organic fertilizer production line equipment is primarily constructed from boiler steel (Q235B), with certain parts crafted from standard carbon steel. For the packing machine specifically, stainless steel is used for the interior. The thickness of the iron components varies by machine and model but is in compliance with national standards. In terms of durability, you can expect a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years from our equipment, although this can vary based on maintenance routines, operating conditions, and general care.

What are the key operational features of the moving type compost turner ?2023-12-29T16:46:48+08:00

The moving type compost turner is designed with a motor that operates efficiently with water. The machine is equipped with a water tank where water should be added for optimal functionality. It features a fan-based refrigeration system that helps in maintaining the motor’s temperature during operation. When it comes to fuel, the machine uses diesel oil, which is readily available and convenient. For lubrication purposes, normal butter can be applied to ensure smooth operation of the moving parts. In terms of fuel efficiency, the compost turner consumes approximately 8 liters of diesel per hour, making it economically viable for continuous operation during compost turning processes.

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